A Week in the Hospital (A birth story)

Welcome to the world Ryleigh Ann Wilcox! Did you know that you're a whole month early?!

So technically she was born a preemie, but weighed more than what a preemie does because I had gestational diabetes.

As soon as she latched to breastfeed she would fall asleep.
Preemies tend to have a hard time staying awake from what I've been told. 

Her jaundice levels were also high, but not high enough where the nurses felt like she needed the special light, but unfortunately, a side effect of Jaundice is being extra sleepy.I tried to breastfeed and pump to build my supply.
Each time, she would fall right asleep, which made the whole breastfeeding thing that much more difficult.

I can't remember if it was Thursday or Friday, but with all the stress I was under, I had no appetite, no sleep, and I was super stressed about a big job starting on Saturday that my milk supply went away.
I was having a hard time even pumping.

Out of everything I've read, it's been drilled into me that "breast is best". I know it's the best thing for her and I really wanted to breast feed. I was really against going to formula, and I didn't want to use a bottle for fear of nipple confusion, but by Friday, I reluctantly agreed to supplement with formula until my supply came back.
To avoid nipple confusion, we were given a tube that we taped to my husband's finger to feed her while I pumped. She did great with that.

I'm pretty sure Friday was the day that she didn't poop. The nurses told us that if she didn't eliminate within 24 hours, they were going to have to do something about it, but luckily, and literally at the last minute she did.

All week long, every two hours the nurses would come in for testing. They would prick her little feet and collect blood samples to make sure her levels were good. They did this because of the gestational diabetes.
She had a lot of testing while we were there.

With hopes that they were going to let us go home all week, we were finally able to on Sunday, but because her Jaundice levels were still high, we were told we needed to bring her back the next morning for more tests.

It was the safest and slowest ride home I've ever had!

When Is It OK to Let Go Of Toxic People?

You ever hear of the saying "Misery Loves Company"? That couldn't be more true. It feels like a constant battle to try and surround myself with happy people. Especially in this day and age, with the world the way it is, and how difficult it is to live these days, even the happiest people have their days. But what about those people that have "those days" every day? They make no attempt to try and be happy and you find them constantly bringing you down, you start to question your own thoughts and behaviors?

When is it ok to ween out those people in my life that exhibit toxic behavior?

The "D" Word

I'm probably going to get a lot of scrutiny for what I'm about to say, but I have never been one to understand depression. In my personal opinion, depression is a state of mind that you can easily put yourself in. It's easy to be unhappy and it's your responsibility to try to find positives in life to look towards and make life seem a little better. I have been diagnosed with depression for a long time but am lucky enough that I found ways to cope without medication.

That Drunk Feeling When You're Exhausted

I spent most of the night staring into the blackness of my room trying to fall asleep. By the time I did, it ended up being an hour of running around hysterically trying to find my dog who went missing  until the alarm went off for work.
Now my eyes are heavy from crying and I'm so exhausted. I almost feel drunk or just ill in general. My whole body aches.

Have you ever woken up with that drunk feeling?

What's one thing for your baby that you couldn't live without?

So I thought I'd occupy my mind and start getting ideas for a registry/wishlist. I signed up with Amazon and then all of a sudden it hooks you up with something called jumpstart. The circled area in the photo above. Each category has more categories when you click on them. There is so many things you supposedly need when you have a child, so I started a public facebook status asking parents what the one thing for their baby that they couldn't live without?

Pregnancy Nightmares Are A Thing and Life is Scary

I'm about 14 weeks now and it's funny how well your brain knows how to scare you. First of all, let me say that before I got pregnant, I never dreamed, or at least never remembered them. It was eyes closed, black, then time to get up. The only nightmares I would ever have and remember were zombies. Which is one of my biggest fears but I haven't had those dreams in a while. 

What I didn't expect now that I'm expecting

Who knew being pregnant would wear someone out so much!? Well perhaps others knew it but I sure didn't. A few weeks of being back from our honeymoon and I started feeling ill all the time. My boobs hurt really bad so I took a pregnancy test that showed up negative which made me concerned about what it could be. To the doctors I go.
It was a shock when they told me I was 6 weeks pregnant. I guess I took the test a little too early. It's crazy how my body knew already. 

My visit to the Walkerstalkercon #Boston

Do you like The Walking Dead? Wouldn't it be cool to meet some of the stars from the show and some actors from other shows? It's a really great experience but it can get a little pricey. I just wanted to share a few tips and things I've learned to make it the most memorable experience.