Apple Chicken Finger Lickin #recipes

Apple Chicken Finger Lickin Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook time: About 4 hours
I came up with this recipe myself because I love the Crock pot! It's super easy to make! I recommend having a meat thermometer whenever you cook with the Crock pot to ensure the correct temp.

4 chicken breasts 2 cups apple jelly half an onion chopped and sautéed about 1 cup hot water 2 apples

Take your chicken breasts, put them in the crock pot. Sauté your chopped onions and add them to the crock pot. ( I sauté my onion because I prefer them fully cooked) In a separate bowl, add hot water and jelly and stir. Add to crock pot. Take your two apples and cut them in half laying them on top. ( I discovered this when trying to come up with uses for the apples that were going bad) Cook on low for about 4 - 5 hours. Don't forget to use your meat thermometer! Times can vary!

-recipe from Starz

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