A Child Care Author who tackles tough subjects! #parenting

Julia Cook is a former guidance counselor that started writing children's books because she couldn't find books to teach her children about certain subjects. Now she has many books and she visits different schools throughout the U.S. talking to children about her books and some of the issues ranging from teeth care to kidnapping.

She has a book covering child molesters called The Kid Trapper coming out, and Scoop, which is about kidnapping prevention.

These issues are real and should be taught to our children. As much as we want to shelter our children, it is important for them to know how dangerous the world can be. How awesome is it that Mrs. Cook has made it easier for us!
She brings her dogs to meet the children and explains the "Scoopers don't bring ugly dogs to trick you.
They're going to pick the cutest dogs they can" hoping that by bringing real dogs, the children will make a connection and remember. She uses rhyming, phrases, and movements to help children remember.
Some of her books include issues about:
Kidnappers - Scoop
Verbs - It's hard to be a Verb!
Being in our own space - Personal Space Camp
For more books by Julia Cook, check out her website!

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