Children and Guns: How young is too young? #parenting

Starz, My Husband and I are fighting about getting our 5-year-old his first gun. Even if he wouldn't use it I think it's too young and we should wait.
southern wife

Southern wife, You both should discuss your concerns and come to an agreement together, but I feel that all children should have a healthy respect for guns. If they've never seen a gun except a toy gun, then it's likely they won't respect them. I wouldn't own a gun at all unless you intend on taking him out shooting. But I've also heard of children going out as young as 3. The trick is to always be with a responsible adult and make sure you teach your child the facts about guns. The biggest advantage to learning gun safety is that the more they know about how they work, what the bullet is capable of, and basic safety... it takes away the sense of mystery about the gun, makes it less of a forbidden fruit and much less a temptation to see it as a toy. It's also a great skill for teaching things like hand-eye coordination, discipline, patience, and self-control. -Starz

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