Top Ten Shot Drinks #toptentues

Top Ten Shot Drinks to try

Between trying these drinks and asking around, I've got 10 great shots to try out! Don't hesitate to add to the list!
1. The Chocolate Cake Shot
I have tried this shot and it really is as good as it sounds. The problem is trying to find someone who knows how to make it. Around where I live, there is only 2 places around that can make it right. You pour some sugar on your lemon wedge, take the shot, suck on the lemon and get ready to order another. Enjoy!

2. The Buttery Nipple Shot
Fun to order, fun to drink! This shot is milky and yummy! I would suggest sticking with the milky drinks when you decide to drink these though.

3. Jello Shots
The awesome thing about Jello shots is that there are so many different flavors and they are super fun to drink... or eat.... you decide!

4. B-52
Another great milky shot! I've heard you can light the top on fire but I've never had it that way.

5. Jolly Rancher Shot
Tastes just like the name. Really fruity YUM

6. Washington Apple Shot
Again another fruity drink. I've also had this drink green. Worth trying.

7. Oatmeal Cookie Shot
I have never had this, a friend recommends it. Oatmeal cookies being my favorite, how can I say no?

8. Pineapple Upside Down Cake
Tonight's the first night I have heard of this, but it was mentioned so it must be good. I'll have to try it!

9. Kamikaze Shot
I've never had this, but I have heard of it. It comes as blue and apparently Yellowish.

10. Alabama Slamma Shot
Now I'm familiar with the drink but I guess you can get practically anything as a shot!

So I hope you take the opportunity next time you're out to try some of these, they are really tasty! If you have any other shots that we should try, leave a comment!
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Between trying these drinks and asking around, I’ve got 10 great shots to try out! Don’t hesitate to add to the list!

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