Couscous with Craisins #recipe #health

Couscous with Craisins

{ Photo By Dave }

This Couscous with Craisins, an idea given to me by Jenn because I'm on a VERY limited diet right now. This was DELICIOUS! And settled really nice. It's nice that I can still have GOOD tasting food even though my selection is limited.

All you do is get a box of couscous, follow the directions on the box:

1.25 cups of water
2 tspns of oil or butter
Sauce Packet

Bring all that to a boil, then just when you go to add the couscous, add the craisins at the same time. I bought Ocean Spray Raspberry Craisins. Cover it and remove from heat. Wait 5 minutes and your done. The craisins flavor the couscous and plump up because of the steam from when the couscous is cooking. Delicious.

By the way, couscous is a rice-like pasta. It's almost always in the same section as rice. Not expensive and it's very healthy! Two things that almost never go together.

Thanks to Dave and Jenn for this recipe!