7yr Old Gets Plastic Surgery to Avoid Bullying

It kind of sucks when I see videos on the news about 7 year olds getting plastic surgery so they don't get bullied anymore in school. It is so freakin sad that a child has to feel so insecure that it's affecting her learning and confidence!
This family in particular family sees plastic surgery as the best way to keep school bullies away. The little girl has already been teased and her mother is scared it's only going to get worse.
"Adults are the worst" says her mother, when they ask questions and make terrible statements right in front of her daughter. 

So with The Little Babyface Foundation, they were flown to New York free of charge to grant the 7 year olds wish. 

Now my views obviously is that we should teach our children to accept ourselves and others as they are. But people are cruel and un-accepting these days.
The surgery was very minor, and she seems really happy with the changes. 

What do you think?

Watch the video here

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