Top Ten Things I Have Been Procrastinating #toptentues

Where has my ambition gone? Lately I have been slacking on my duties and I've been feeling down. It raining all week probably doesn't help either. So I decided to write about the top ten list of things I've been procrastinating. 

TGIF!!! My Family and Friends Know Better.. ~

I'm so glad that my friends and family know me well enough to know, not to attempt anything like this before I've had my coffee. lol
Has anyone ever woken you up with a prank?

Hope you enjoyed this funny clip!

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Top Ten Places to Visit In and Around Portland, Maine #toptentues

Some of my readers have probably figured out by now that I live in Maine. From the frequent tweets complaining about how I'm always cold in Maine, to other random pictures I take, and things that I talk about.  

I never really noticed how beautiful Maine is until a few years ago, and I've lived here all of my life. It took moving down south for a bit to realize that Maine has some things that other states don't, and I should be proud of where I come from. 

This is a very beautiful state, and I'm privileged to live in a place that most people can only vacation in. That presidents go out of their way to go striper fishing off the coast, where Stephen King lives/vacations, where the sun rises first, where seafood is the best! 
So this weeks Top Ten Post is encouraging you to come to my beautiful state and check out some of these top ten places to visit in and around Portland, Maine. 

TGIF!! Fight For Kisses!! ~

From now on. Fathers and sons can fight on equal terms.

Men can now take revenge and win back their wives!

Hope you enjoyed this funny clip!

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Body of Little Boy Found in Woods

UPDATED on 5/19
South Berwick, Maine - Little boy's body was found less than 30 minutes from my hometown around 5pm Saturday. Police think that this boy was maybe 4 or 6 years old. I think they are guessing by his baby teeth. He was found in the woods about 35-40ft, covered by a green blanket.
So sad, and scary!

Like A Human Heart #WordlessWednesday

Top Ten Reasons I'm Not Following You Back #toptentues

Ever wonder when you follow someone on Twitter, why they don't return the favor? I'm no Twitter expert but I can think of a few reasons why I might not have followed you back.
On in this weeks Top Ten Tuesday - 
Reasons I'm Not Following You Back

Top Ten Maine Books #toptentues

Did you know that supposedly Maine sees the sunrise first, out of any of the states? I'm very thankful that I am up to see the sun rise during the year while I get lil man up for school. I have seen some pretty ones lately, and I've made sure to pull over and snap a picture almost every time.

Love is in the air~

Learn How To Blog with Blog101! {Blog Course Review/Giveaway}

Searching Through Sites Is Just No Fun, Learn How To Blog with Blog101!

When I first started blogging I had no idea what I was doing. I struggled every step of the way jumping from site to site, trying to learn how to start my blog. I was trying to figure out what I wanted to write about and how to get readers. Everything was so confusing and new, and as I boldly sent out emails to other successful bloggers, I discovered very few were willing to help me by answering my questions - and that was only when I knew what questions to ask. I kept thinking, I wish there was a class or something that could guide me to the next step.

Photo Retouching

A while ago I was given Adobe Photoshop as a gift and I really love it. It's something that I picked up on quickly, I feel it's something I can progress in and it's fun!

TGIF Shake your tail feather!

Nobody cares if you can't dance well.  Just get up and dance.  ~Dave Barry

Have a great Friday everyone!

How To Help A Sensitive Child #moms #dads

For those of you that don't know, I watch one of the smartest 7 year olds I have ever met. I call him lil' man, even though I should be calling him Einstein, because he is extremely book smart but has difficulty with fine motor skills, such as shoe tying and buttoning. 

It isn't uncommon for lil' man to come home from school upset because his best friend was too busy playing with someone else, and not him, or he didn't do well enough on an assignment for school, "I'll never get it" "I can't do it" "He doesn't like me anymore".

His best sad impression!

Some children are naturally tough on themselves,  but what are ways we can help and support them?

Money Saving Mother's Day #TopTenTues

I wanted to do a post for Mother's Day, so I decided to search around the web for some cool happenings and great deals! I hope you guys can find these helpful and hopefully you can save a couple bucks! Oh and if you hear about a great deal, I would love to hear about it!