Top Ten Pick Me Ups When I Am Feeling Down

With 2 family deaths, and my brother's would be birthday coming right up, it's been a difficult month. It's been hard to be motivated with anything, I've just been so sad. It's so easy to let the sadness wash over you if you let it. So I often seek the comfort of following things to help clear my mind and make me feel better... 

These are myTop ten pick me ups when I am feeling down

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1. There's nothing like some mindless television to help keep my mind off things. This is why I love Family Guy, American Dad, and all the other shows people find offensive.

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2. Music and singing is something that I've always loved. I try to take advantage when no one is home and I crank it up. Maybe even try dancing around the house!

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3. I grab my camera to take pictures. I don't know what it is about looking through a lens that helps me see the beauty in things.

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4. Watching children learn and interact with each other is something I enjoy. When they are playing, they say some funny things, and it makes me laugh. 

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5. Spending time alone is a need. Everyone deserves a little time to themselves to collect their thoughts. But remember, sometimes thinking too much about it can make you feel worse. 

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6. Surrounding myself with friends can pick me up. Sometimes we decide to make ourselves feel better by bitching about it together, or sometimes we go out and dance. 
"I just want to dance!" - Dane Cook

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7. Look to family. My dad and aunt have always been really down to earth and great to get advice from.

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8. Reading inspiring quotes and pick me up stories have been known to make me feel better.

My Superman

9. Humor. My hunni loves to tell jokes. He can usually always make me laugh and feel better.

10. Do something nice for someone else.
" if you want to lift yourself up, lift someone else." -Booker t Washington

**One more!!**

11. Get out of the house! 

Sometimes when I get into a rut, and I don't want to leave the house I force myself to. I either go for a drive, sit by a pond, or in the woods and usually the change in atmosphere makes me feel better.

What are some things that make you feel better?

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