What 911 Means To Me

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There are a lot of mixed feelings as far as 911 is concerned. Some people embrace all the recent news and media coverage and take a second to watch. Others change the channel and are “tired of hearing about it”. It’s all over the TV and media. But regardless of what you believe, whether you think it was a conspiracy or not, many people are still hurting from the effects of this tragedy and from losing their loved ones.

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911 is brought up every year because we swore we would never forget what was done to us as a people and a nation.  We swore we would never forget how they tried to bring us down and how we all pulled together to help one another when it meant the most. This is why it's important that we be reminded of what happened rather than brush it aside or try to forget what happened that day now ten years past. It takes very little effort to take a minute our of the day and remember that day, the lives that were lost, and those who are still suffering because of what happened.

That’s what this day means to me. A day to be close with my family, to tell them how I feel about them and be thankful that I’m alive, I’m an American, that I am free. Thank you to those who sacrificed their lives (people and animals!), their loved ones, to the people who are hurting today, I pray someday you can find peace.

Below is a 30 second video worth watching of a tribute to 911 that Beyonce sang. 

And we can't forget our 4 legged Hero's who sacrificed their lives!

I was in school when America was tested, and I will NEVER forget.

Where were you that day? 

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