Ways You Can Donate

The holidays can be a hard time for many. Not just the holidays, but anytime. I'm sure you know at least one family that is struggling, have you ever wondered if there was anything you could do? Why not donate? 'Don't have any extra money' you say? There are many ways you can donate. Whether it be money, time, or things that you are already throwing out.

Bath Time Baby {FunnyFriday#18}

A great way to start off your Friday! 

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Operation Christmas Child 2011 #wordlesswednesday

I got a twitter message on my phone the other day while I was at work that brought a huge smile to my face. It said,
"Thanks to you, my husband and I filled shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child this past weekend ;) " 
If I ever questioned myself, why I blog, this is it! I inspired someone to donate! I'm so proud! I love you, my readers, and it's such a great feeling to inspire others!

Here's my Wordless Wednesday with a couple pictures of my tiny Operation Christmas Child party!

I invited my friend and her daughter over and we had dinner, OCC, and games! 

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Top Ten Thanksgiving Facts You Should Know!

Thanksgiving is a day where many Americans join together as a family for food and appreciation. Did you know that the first Thanksgiving dinner was eaten with spoons and knives? They didn't have forks until 10 years later!
 I was reading facts about Thanksgiving and came across some I didn't know, and wanted to share! 

Top Ten Thanksgiving Facts

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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"I Will Kick Your A**" A Teacher Caught Bullying A Special Needs Student

That was on the news when I woke up this morning. A teacher was caught bullying and threatening a special needs child and it was caught on camera!
Children look up to teachers, and parents trust them to educate and guide their children and it really saddened me to see this video.

Top Ten People Who Inspire Me


  1. The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative: "flashes of inspiration".

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If you look around you, I'm sure you can point out a few people in your life that are so awesome, that they inspire you to try to be a better person, by doing some of the every day things they do.

This top ten is dedicated to the people in my life who inspire me to be thankful for what I have, and strive for what I want, and want to be.

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Have you packed your shoe box yet?

This week, I stumbled over to an awesome blog post reminding me about Operation Christmas Child. I had already gotten shoe boxes saved up and had asked friends to put aside some things to donate, but I just didn't have the date set to put everything together. 
Now that I know the drop off date is less than a week away, I'm happy to be mostly prepared, but anxious to tie up the loose ends soon! 

Still Photo Slide Show #wordlesswednesday

When I got my new camera, I wanted to familiarize myself better. My niece happened to be swimming, so I took a ton of still shots, one right after the other, and this is what I got!

Photography & Editing done by me!

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Top Ten Tips to Protect Yourself, Your Loved Ones, and Your Valuables!

With the economy, crime and violence continuously rising, it's no longer safe to leave your car and houses unlocked even in neighborhoods that were once safe.

Just last week, my friend's came home from work to find they'd been robbed. Someone had broken in through the doggy door and helped themselves to her jewelry.  It didn't seem like the dog had done anything to defend the house, but it was apparent that the robbers had left in a hurry for some reason.

The detectives took statements, collected a ton of fingerprints and spray painted footprints. They were very thorough. 

The next day the thieves were caught at a local pawn shop when one of the investigating detectives was there retrieving my friend's jewelry.  They were trying to pawn someone else's stolen property. Unfortunately, the pawn shop owner had ripped all the stones out of the jewelry so it would be easier to sell making it impossible for some of the jewelry to be repaired. And there's a chance that the pawn shop owner may be in trouble for receiving and selling stolen goods.  At least there's a happy ending for my friends.

Thieves caught, security system now installed, good idea for a top ten.  
footprints of the robbers, spray painted by police 

Here's Top Ten Tips to Protect Yourself, Your Loved Ones, and Your Valuables!

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