I Attacked It, Leaving Little Evidence... #wordlesswednesday

So I took a picture of the orange peels and apple core as a symbol of me eating healthier and losing weight, and today, as I'm looking over my wordless wednesday, I'm laughing, because accompanying that picture is the pumpkin pie, and the huge bag of ghirardelli caramel squares that I attacked, leaving little evidence of.. 
 Happy Wednesday!

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If you haven't heard of Wordless Wednesday by now, it's practiced by many people around the web. It's where you can post any sort of picture you choose, without any words, and let the picture speak for itself.  I encourage you to join in, it's actually a lot of fun!
These Photos were taken using the IPhone Instagram app. The collage is made using BigHugeLabs Mosaic maker. I'm on Instagram as ICStarzz. I got this awesome idea from 
Fresh Mommy!
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