A Big Thank You!

Lately it's been a lot of running around. I haven't had a lot of time online, or anything else for that matter! I've been exhausted preparing for the move... Here's what's new!  

Scott & I finally got the keys to our new apartment a few days ago and I enjoyed standing around for about an hour imagining where the furniture would go.

Meeting with the landlord, signing tons of papers, figuring out what we need for our new place, as well as picking up more hours from work to make it easier. (because at the moment we are paying the rest of the rent for the month at our current place, and a down payment at the new place, it's been a little stressful round here) 

Have you noticed the new design here? I hope you like it! I'm proud to say that I made the drop down task bar and the widget with tabs, I'm so proud, and Natalie from Spoonful of Sugar Blog made the rest! A BIG THANK YOU! I think it looks awesome! What do you think? Now all I need to do is make a new button and eventually I want to add matching titles for the widgets.

I've noticed the 'about me' video pops up in the top left corner, but if you click the about tab, it goes away! =)

I've been trying to stay focused lately, even if that means not being online as much for right now because I know in April, I'm going to need to be online a little more than usual. If you've heard of the Ultimate Blog Party2011, then you already know it's about that time again, I am super psyched! That's why I'm trying to get my stuff done now, so I have plenty of time to prepare!

And on another plus side with moving? Maybe I can get a few TackleItTuesday posts written up! lol 

Thanks for visiting, Hope you have a great day!