A Moment Of Weakness

I was having a difficult time the other day for some reason, I'm not sure why. I've been really stressed physically and emotionally I guess. Moving, working, running around. So much to do. I couldn't bring myself to eat on my lunch break and broke down crying for a while alone in the office, gathering myself back before my boss came back from her lunch break. Was fine for the rest of the day until about 30 minutes prior to clocking out...

Someone had come to visit and brought me a couple pictures of my brother I hadn't seen before, the year he was taken.
I managed to mostly keep it together until I got home, but once arriving there, I pulled out the box of pictures, sat on the floor, and just let it out. I thought that it might help to have a good cry. How else was I supposed to feel any better? I knew I shouldn't bottle it in. It just amazes me, that even after 3 years of him being gone (rip) how it still hurts as if it were yesterday?!
Once Scott got home, he saw how upset I was and he whisked me away for a much needed scenic drive. 

We took Jake back into the woods and let him play for a while by the water and we also heard turkeys.

Getting out and just watching Jake enjoy himself and play made me happier.
I'm realizing that even adults need redirecting. I needed to get out. 

So as I'm sitting here a couple days later.... realizing my moment of weakness,  I just wanted to thank those who reached out to me when they noticed something was up. Even though I didn't call to talk, it's nice knowing that someone is there if need be. 

After all, grieving is a process, right?