Top Ten FREE IPhone Apps #toptentues

Top Ten FREE IPhone Apps I'm Currently Crazy About

I'm always on the look out for free IPhone apps...
 Here are the top ten apps I'm currently crazy about!

Is an app for taking photos!
Has a timer, anti shake, level, grid, 3 shot  burst, and more, to make picture taking easier!

Make panoramic photos using your Iphone, the merging takes a while, but it's the best free app that does this that I've been able to find.

I eventually caved though, and needed a faster app for moving objects so I went ahead and downloaded 
Panoramic Camera
Panorama 360 Camera Panorama 360 Camera On iOS App Store 
It works great! One click and then you keep lining up your shot with the green box and it takes the rest of the pictures for you, and merging is quicker also!
I'm also trying out
360 Panorama

Another app for panoramic photos. You don't have to line anything up, you just point and click and move your phone in any direction.  It just takes the pictures automatically and quickly. Merging is also super fast! I haven't decided which one I like better, this one or Panoramic Camera, because each one has tiny differences, but either way, I'm glad I spent the $. (about $.99 an app so that's $1.98 total)

Hanging with Friends

Play this slightly addicting spin off of hangman, but with balloons!
What's cool about this free app is you can play with your Facebook friends, your friends, or random people. And you can play at your own pace. Finish the game in a couple days or one day!

Scramble with Friends

Another great word game, that lets you connect letters to make words! Warning: addictive. You can also play with your Facebook friends, your friends, or random people. And you can play at your own pace.

Words with Friends

A scramble like game. Another great game that you can play with your Facebook friends, your friends, or random people. And you can play at your own pace!
Each of these spelling games has got me practicing my vocabulary again and I can actually tell I'm getting better. 


Ever since I bought the IPhone, I've missed one thing from my old phone, my querty keyboard! I used to be able to text without even looking because I could feel the keys, now, with the IPhone, I have to look at what I'm texting, so it's not always convenient for me to text. That's why when a friend told me about HeyTell, I was super excited! I love this app! It's like a walkie talkie and perfect to use when I've just got a couple things to say!


SnapBucket links to your photobucket account and gives you more editing options like adding filters, frames, and more!


One of my favorite music apps! I love carrying this customized radio station wherever I go!

My Verizon

This is an app for me to keep up with the data and minutes I use on my phone. I wanted to put this on my top ten because a lot of people don't know that there might be an app available from your wireless company that makes it easier to keep track of all that so you're less likely to go over your minutes.
My bank is working on an app for their customers to be able to access their account, too. I can't wait!

Get Glue

This is a neat app that allows you to check in to your favorite things, like shows, books, movies, and earn stickers for them. I love stickers and enjoy checking into my shows and seeing what others are saying about them also!

There you have it. My ten current favorite apps! Hope I gave you a few new apps to check out!!

  • Are there anymore apps under $1.00 you think are cool that I should know about?

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