Top Ten Things On My Birthday Wishlist! 2012

It's almost that time of year again! I can't wait! I'm about a couple weeks too soon, but I was always taught to think ahead, right?

Last year, when I wrote about my wishlist2011, I wrote down what I wanted and then searched for them online, but this year, I used my amazon wishlist that I've been adding to! It's an internet add on you can use and it's free! You can add anything from any site to your wishlist, it doesn't have to be from Amazon.
It was really neat getting to review my list from last year though.. maybe I'll go update it as well!

Top Ten Things On My Birthday Wishlist 2012

 Product Image - BriteLeafs 4-in-1 Electric Facial & Body Brush Spa Cleaning System. Made to clean your face! I would love to see how this works and feels! I've always wanted one.

Product Image  - Tank tops of many different colors. The ones I have are old and have holes now..

Flickr logo. If you click it, you'll go home - A Flickr account. Even though I'm pretty happy with a free account at photobucket.. flickr gives the option of connecting to my blog better, and connecting to widgets, which is better for showing off my photography and connecting to blog posts.

PicMarkr Pro  - PicMarkr Pro connects with flickr and helps watermark all images. A real time saver! (but I have to have a flickr account first!)

Product Image  - We could always use more totes. I'm noticing especially now that we are in the middle of a move. Totes are way better than boxes because they are water resistant! I need one for wrapping paper, wreath, and regular!

Product Image  - Earring Organizer Tree. I think something like this would be really neat and although I love my armoir, but my jewelry often gets tangled up. 

Product Image  - A car IPhone holder so it would be easier to listen to my radio through my phone. Right now it sits in my lap so I can easily skip a song, but having it sit on the dashboard would probably be a better idea. 

An Amazon Prime Membership - I want one of these so bad because I'm constantly looking through amazon and with a prime membership I can get access to free kindle books, movies, and most things are eligible for free shipping! Maybe I could find someone to split an account with or something? Anyone interested? Hmmm?

Product Image  - This is a backup charger for the IPhone. I think having this handy would be really neat. Something else I've been keeping my eye on but never have the money for, are solar panel phone re-chargers. I love solar panel anything! I admire the self sufficient. 

Product Image  - New clothes in general. I'm always in need of them. I did really well last year by volunteering at a local thrift store. They would send me home with new, used clothes often. So I am no longer in need of jeans like I was.. or nice looking shirts.. BUT, now that I work as an activity asst. at the nursing home, jeans and the shirts that I have (with designs on them) are not appropriate for work. So now all I have are black pants and it's getting hot outside, fast. I'm hoping to get my hands on some loose fitting capris that aren't jeans.

Thread_earrings_and_murano_star_015 - I think this jewelry set is adorable. I put this on my list because I'm hoping for more 'sets'. I have a lot of earrings,  but not too many necklaces to match.. it looks great, and it's a great conversation starter at work. hehe

So there you have it. 

  • Would some of these things be on your list?
  • Did anyone notice this was a list of 11? hehe 

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