Leap Into Spring! - Blossom/Trees

Welcome to the third week (which was the 20th) of the Leap Into Spring Photography challenge hosted by Kristi of Live and Love out Loud, Rebecca of Bumbles & Light, and Alicia of ProjectAlicia!

Leap Into Spring is a 6-week photography challenge aimed at capturing the beauty of spring.

<em>Leap Into Spring!</em> Photo Challenge

Top Ten Ways/Reasons to Avoid Spring Flu

Spring flu is the worst. I have no idea why.

What was meant to be a great week of birthday partying, Blog hopping happiness, and spreading good cheer went bad and I can't even tell you why, when, or how. One minute I was fine and the next:

Here are my Top Ten Ways/Reasons for avoiding getting sick and, if you do, how to make it through without dying.
(told with a lil humor!)

Target Daily Deals that are going to go fast!

Target.com is one of the sites I check every morning for good deals. While I haven't seen anything there for a little bit worth blogging about, my tune changes today! I spotted 3 things for under $7, you should check it out!

Revlon ColorStay 16 Hour Eyeshadow
$5.99 - $6.39
Free Shipping
Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter
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Revlon Nail Enamel - Sweet Tart
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Have a great day!

Sick As A Dog

Where does that impression come from anyways? Is this what a dog feels like? 

Top Ten Things About Someone Moving Out #toptentuesday

There’s already been some discussion about what a pain in the a** how difficult it is to work and move into a new place.  Well, it works the other way around too you know; especially if you’re sharing a place with people. Having someone move out is hard too. 

Leap Into Spring! - Easter/Eggs

Welcome to the second day (which was last Friday) of the Leap Into Spring Photography challenge hosted by 
Kristi of Live and Love out Loud, Rebecca of Bumbles & Light, and Alicia of ProjectAlicia!

Leap Into Spring is a 6-week photography challenge aimed at capturing the beauty of spring.

<em>Leap Into Spring!</em> Photo Challenge

This week's prompt is Easter/Eggs.

It's Finally Here!! The #UBP12 !

Welcome to the party! I'm so glad you could make it! This is my second year participating in the Ultimate Blog Party, it's such a blast! I'm also giving away a prize this year! Read on for more info.


Prize Preview #wordlesswednesday

I am so excited for the Ultimate Blog Party that I wanted to share what I gave away last year for Wordless Wednesday and maybe give you a preview of what's to come...

Top Ten Things I Love About The Ultimate Blog Party!

If you haven't heard of the Ultimate Blog Party then you could be missing out on one of the biggest online blogging parties of the year! It's an event created by 5minutesformom that seems to multiply with blog lovers each year!

Happy Easter from KreativeKaring

Happy Easter!!

From your friends at KreativeKaring!

We hope you have a great day spending time with your families!

  • Do you have anything special planned?

Leap Into Spring! - Sunlight/Light

Welcome to the first day of the Leap Into Spring Photography challenge hosted by  Kristi of Live and Love out Loud, Rebecca of Bumbles & Light, and Alicia of ProjectAlicia!

Leap Into Spring is a 6-week photography challenge aimed at capturing the beauty of spring.

<em>Leap Into Spring!</em> Photo Challenge

Empowerment #WordlessWednesday

This is from a book I'm currently reading and I felt empowered, so I wanted to share!

  • Are you currently reading anything empowering?

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Top Ten Birthday Wish-list Update! #yupitisthattimeofyearagain #Woot!


My birthday is coming up and I thought it would be fun to do a recap of my list from last year! It's kinda neat to see what I got to scratch off of last year's wish list and then create a new one for this year to see what's changed. Everyone's wants, needs, and priorities change from year to year, so by comparing my two lists I get to see how much I've gained and grown and changed. 

A laptop: I didn't get a laptop but I won a radio contest and won an Ipad2! So now I can show my grandmother a bunch of different things using my aunt's WiFi, it it comes in handy for many other things, too! 

Intuos4 Medium graphics Tablet: I didn't get a tablet. I guess I would still love one, but it's not on my priority list anymore. When I first started blogging I was under the impression that a great design is everything. It is, but I don't have to be a master designer to have a great design! 

GoJane gift card: I didn't get one last year but if I were to ask for any gift card this year, it would be an amazon gift card, because I'm always searching through the site and you can get almost anything there! I've learned this year that Amazon's a great site for wishlists, that they carry just about everything, and now they have this cool feature where I can add something to from any site. That helps me keep track of my list from anywhere on the web!

Adobe Package: I can happily say that I got this, the whole package! A friend hooked me up and I use Adobe Photoshop cs4 the most for my photography! 

New clothes: I got new clothes but all the clothes I got aren't appropriate for the newest job that I have. (jeans & shirts with logos) so clothes and gift cards for stores where I can get some new clothes for work are definitely on my birthday wish list for this year!

Honda Hybrid: haha. This might forever be on A list. Not my birthday list for this year though. I'm just happy that my jeep now is FINALLY paid off! yay!

Help on my blog: I am so happy to say that this is not on my priority list anymore because I now get help. Natalie from Spoonfulofsugarblog worked with me on a new design and Wulfie my aunt contributes every day by posting most of the deals and editing my posts (because she's an editor) and other things. It would be nice to find someone that can contribute some well written blog posts, but I'm happy for now with what I have! *LUV*

Digital Camera: I'm happy to say I got this too! I won money off another radio station and used part of it to buy a Nikon D3000. I'm hoping to get a different lens though. Maybe a fisheye lens, like one of my favorite photography bloggers, Alicia! So in this case I got something from my wish list but I need things to go with it! hahaha


Deep Tissue back massage
This is forever on my list. But I was able to find other things that I know will be ahead of this.. I've just accepted that I won't be able to get one of these unless I happen to find a really good deal or something.


I'm so happy to say that I do get to indulge in the IPhone apps of goodness! lol I got a really great deal during a back to school sale and I signed a new 2 year contract but I love having the phone! Now I finally understand why they say there's an app for everyone! 

  • That's it for the update on my old list. 
  • Do you make birthday wish lists? 
  • If you do, what kind of things do you wish for? 

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The Joy of Moving...Can I be Done Now?!

Things have been busy lately. I am happy to say I finally had internet hooked up Friday afternoon, but then realized that I couldn't find batteries for my mouse so I could go on the computer.

Sweet Deals for $10 or LESS! #RunNOW

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