The Joy of Moving...Can I be Done Now?!

Things have been busy lately. I am happy to say I finally had internet hooked up Friday afternoon, but then realized that I couldn't find batteries for my mouse so I could go on the computer.

There has been a lot of that lately. Not being able to find anything. Moving always reminds me of how unorganized I am.

When we moved back in with my mother a couple years ago, we moved in a hurry, so things weren't packed away right, and a lot of things, pots and pans, other things were stored in the cellar because it didn't make any sense to unpack any of that at my mother's.

Now that we are unpacking things we haven't seen in so long, we are finding that because they weren't in totes, they are now covered in mouse feces and need to be replaced. Our microwave doesn't work right, and we're still looking for our cooking utensils so I can stop cooking everything with a wooden spoon. The cleaning is endless...

This Thursday Now, next Thursday, we have people coming to replace our windows, so after that, I can start placing things on shelves. Right now, I have to keep everything away from the windows.

I'm still happy to have our own place again, don't get me wrong. It's just a lot of work right now.

My newest favorite thing about moving, is discovering things I forgot we had! haha

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