Top Ten Things About Someone Moving Out #toptentuesday

There’s already been some discussion about what a pain in the a** how difficult it is to work and move into a new place.  Well, it works the other way around too you know; especially if you’re sharing a place with people. Having someone move out is hard too. 

1.       Where’s My Stuff: Separating household items like furniture, food, non-perishables, etc usually comes down to a debate that ends in: Oh let’s just split this stuff right in half. Or omg I can’t remember whose this is…want it? Or That’s mine, no it isn’t, yes it is remember when.  There’s always a lot of "Remember when’s" in moving.

2.       Messes: We always think it’s going to be easy to move. Just give me a stack of boxes or totes and I’ll fill them with stuff, label them, and it’ll be easy to unpack. Well, there’s a shortage of boxes and totes in the world, people. You can NEVER find boxes when you need them and when you do find some they generally smell like beer. What’s up with that?

3.       Messes Part 2:  Packing breeds dust and debris. I think it’s because dust and debris like to hide in all the tiny nooks and crannies that none of us like to clean regularly. I don’t know about you, but when I moved my couch I had enough dust bunnies to make a human sized creature that scared my cat. I’m pretty sure that's why a lot people have a terror about what’s under the bed…it’s the dust bunnies and they have sharp pointy teeth.

4.       Holes: When someone moves out of a place you’ve been sharing for a time there’s a hole left behind. You look at empty rooms and are surprised by the space and emptiness that’s there.  It takes a week or so before you can start thinking about doing anything with that empty space because it feels like those who left are supposed to be there and will be coming back any second now so things can go back to normal.

5.       Filling Holes: Once you’re past the: oh they are not coming back stage then the empty space that was once filled with them and their energies begins whispering. Yes, I said whispering. It beckons you in and taunts you with its vacant stare, daring you to fill that hole up with something.  But what? Once you can answer that question things start to get fun which makes the Hole feel a little better.

6.       Redecorating:  Every empty room begs you to make it something new and different from what it once was.  It wants stuff to fill its empty belly. ..maybe a bedroom instead of a living room, or storage room instead of a bedroom. And then there’s the: Oh could you paint me? And voila, the redecorating begins and the empty is reshaped and reborn into a new form.

7.       Noise: There’s a certain level of noise that we all make and when people live together who have different volume settings, one of the first thing you notice when someone in the group vanishes is the quiet. It’s CREEPY. 

8.       Time Changes: I still wake up at 4:24 every morning for no apparent reason. That’s when I used to wake up before my niece and her boyfriend moved out.  I have no idea why I still wake up then and it wasn’t like she used to wake me up on purpose before.  I think it’s a case her and I were in tune clock-wise and I haven’t shifted clocks yet! Lol

9.       Silliness: When a group of people of varying ages live together there’s a funny-bone that develops between you. You play with each other, annoy each other, tease each other, and make fun of each other.  There’s lots of shared laughter and jokes and that too is a Hole that’s left behind when someone leaves a household.  I really miss all the laughter and silliness.

10.   The Dumb-Ass: Another thing that’s common when people live together is the Dumb-Ass factor. When there’s a group of peeps living together there are differences between you. Examples: leaving the toilet seat up or down, replacing the old toilet paper with a new one when it’s low, moving things and forgetting to put them back, not doing something because you think someone else either did it already or should.  This is the Dumb-Ass factor which generally moves from starting as an annoyance to something so hilariously stupid that everyone ends up feeling like…yup, a Dumb Ass because most of the time this comes out over the lamest things.

  • What about you? Did you ever share a place with others and then move? 
  • What were some of the things that you missed?

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