The Ultimate Blog Party 2012 Is Almost Here!!

I can't wait to party for the UBP12 !!
Here's some more info and the schedule!


What is the Ultimate Blog Party? It started in 2007 as a way to celebrate and visit and get to know a bunch of different bloggers but it has grown and become so much more than that! Susan and Janice over at 5minutesformom explain it so much better!

This is a great way to meet interesting new bloggers, get traffic, followers, and comments to your site as well as enter in tons of prizes and fun surprises! 

So what do you do right now to get ready? 

First - grab the UBP12 button here

Second - consider sponsoring a prize (The prizes are not required but are a great way to get your blog noticed even more as people will visit your site to learn about your giveaway item.)

Third - mark your calender for the following things:

  • April 13th - a linky list will open up at 5minutesformom. Usually everyone tries to hurry and link up as fast as they can because you are more likely to get more traffic.
  • The whole week of April 13th-20th will be visiting a bunch of different blogs. (as much as you aim to visit them all, you probably won't. There are so many!)
  • April 16th -Twitter party
  • April 19th - Live Spreecast WebShow
  • April 20th - Last day of the UBP12 (although people still will be visiting and "catching up" for a while after that)

I really do hope you join in! It's a lot of fun! This is my second year participating AND sponsoring! See my Ultimate Blog Party post from 2011 and what I gave away. Can't wait for you to see what I'm giving away this year! Valued at $100! 

So be prepared to hear a lot about the upcoming party this week!

And hope to See you there!