Top Ten Things I've Been Asking Him To Do #toptentues

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Not only do I have an internal personal list I work off of, I've made one for my hunny, and really wish he'd get on it. I know he's been really busy, but there's things around the house that really need done, that I've been bugging him to do.
This is not a nag list, I was just sitting during my lunch break thinking about some of the things I've been asking him to do and go figure, I came up with a list of ten whole things! haha

Top Ten Things I've Been Asking Him To Do

Putting Cameras Up
As of right now, I love the apartment we are in, but not the neighborhood it's in. There are a lot of drugs and thieves around here. We've already caught someone from across the street on our fire escape messing with the upstairs lady's window while she was away for the weekend! As much as I would love to rely on my scary sounding dog, I would feel a lot better if Scott would put his cameras up. 

Gate Fence
We have a nice fenced in back yard here for Jake to run around but there's no gate, so when we take him out, I have to stand at the "gate" to make sure he can't get out. If we had the wooden gate piece my mom gave us, I could leave him outside longer which is something I'm sure he would enjoy. 

Dresser out of bedroom
There's not enough light in the bedroom and I've been having a wicked hard time finding my work clothes. Plus, I get up earlier than Scott so it would just be easier to move my dresser into a different room where I can clothes search without waking anyone. 

Scott (Photo credit: ICStarzz)
Keep clothes off LR Floor
This is something that he will probably never keep up with but it's a wish none the less. He has this awful habit of taking off his clothes next to the couch. Not only do his socks stink, it's such as eye sore when company comes over. 

Buy another lighter, instead of stealing mine!
Just because I don't smoke doesn't mean it's ok to take my lighters when yours runs out. Scott does this to me all of the time. The only way I can avoid getting my lighter taken is if I stick to the girly looking ones. 

Hang up bulletin board
I don't know where to put it, but I love leaving little notes for him to see, or little requests, and would love to stop leaving it on random scrap paper. It was a goal to stop wasting paper, that's why I got the bulletin board, now to have him help me hang it up so we can actually start using it.

Hang up photos and shelving
Something I should probably give up asking for help on, and just do it myself. But he makes it look so easy, so it's something I've been procrastinating, hoping that he would help me. 

Romance me
I won't even repeat some of the phrases he throws at me. A lot of them are pigish, and while I have to admit, he's got a way with words and he's funny, sometimes "hey babe, let's get naked" isn't always the way to go. 

Finish something completely
I'm sure I'm not the only one who has this issue, but whenever I ask Scott to do something, most of the time it's only halfway done. When I ask him to take out the trash, he'll take it out, but won't put a bag back into the trash, or he'll do the dishes, but stack them in such a way that makes him able to do less dishes. I call that half ass. At this point, I don't get mad about it, you can't help but look at him and laugh, he's so convincing that he really can't stack anymore clean dishes so he couldn't finish them. LOL

Ask me if I need anything without me asking
Isn't this a wish on almost ALL women's lists? You would think with how many times us women mutter the phrase "can I get you anything?" or "is there anything you need?" that it would be instilled in their vocab, but unfortunately, I think I could teach a parrot before I could teach my hunni.

So you see, there's a reason why they say men and women are from two different planets! lol
  • What have you been asking your hunni to do?

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