Losing A Pet

A few years ago, on the way back from a friend’s house, I found my cat had just died from being hit by a car. Naturally I was hysterical, and spent a few days grieving. The house felt empty without him running through, or bugging me for attention. I had only owned him about a year and already formed a unique bond with him. 


Now, I own Jake, my little dog. I’ve had him for about 7 years, and most people laugh at me when I say he’s like my kid, but he is. I’ve watched him grow from a pup, helping guide him, to be a well behaved, great dog. I couldn’t imagine my life without him. I take him many places and often have the most fun just watching him enjoy himself and explore when we are out. 

A family member and friend of mine had to put her cat down yesterday because it was old and getting sick. Many people do not understand the type of bond that one can make with a pet. It’s like a piece of you is gone forever. It’s like an emptiness that can never be filled.

To my family member and the household,
I am so sorry for your loss. I can only imagine what you are going through. I know he was your sidekick, and he had quite a personality! You made his quality of life so much better and I could tell that he loved you guys and was happy. You guys are in my thoughts. I hope that you can find peace with what you’re dealing with.
S, S, C, & J