What I've Been Working On

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Jake (Photo credit: ICStarzz)
I've got some great news! A couple years ago I got locked out of one of my yahoo accounts and at first I wasn't concerned, I made a new account and went on my way.. Then last year I realized my flickr account was linked to that yahoo account and I couldn't get on it. I needed to keep that flickr account because the address was printed in a book that I designed a cover for.
For months I went back and forth with yahoo customer service getting nowhere because I couldn't remember my information.
Last week I got a hold of a phone number and so Monday, I spent most of the morning on the phone with yahoo customer service trying to prove I was the owner.
Long story short, 3 people, and hours later, I recovered my password! And I have my Flickr account back!

So I've started uploading photos I've had and started organizing them. A big thank you to my Aunt who is currently helping me add tags and titles and all that.

On the task bar where is says photography, click photos. It will take you to my flickr albums. There, you can view, comment, and share photos! Would love it if you could give my account some new traffic! It hasn't seen any since 2011! wow.

Last Saturday I photographed a family members wedding and took tons of photos. The lighting wasn't too good so I've had to brighten almost all the photos. It's been a lot of work so far and I still have quite a few photos left.

This weekend my niece is supposed to be coming to visit for a week before I bring her to camp. A friend is coming to stay with us for a month because money has been really tight on both our ends. And lil man is having a birthday party with live animals on Sunday! Sounds like a chance to take some great pictures!

Also, keep your eyes out for a post coming soon to giveaway a text customized T-Shirt! Maybe in the next couple weeks!

I also want to take a second and bring attention to those affected by the drought in the Midwestern US. We should keep them in our thoughts and prayers.