My Boss Turns Into A Werewolf On The Full Moon

You can almost always tell when there is going to be a full moon. The animals start acting funny, the residents at work are all out of sorts, the children are extra cranky, and my boss turns into a werewolf! 

Speaking of children, I can't believe they are almost back to school. My town started yesterday, but lil man's school starts the 4th. I'm anxious to start my 4th year with him and his family! 
By now, lil man knows the routine so I'm comfortable taking on another boy for care, which I think might be all lined up for next week. 
The only catch is that right now I only provide before care and with this extra boy, I would need to provide after care for him, so I wouldn't be getting home until 5/5:30. Makes for a really long day. 
The only thing that makes me sad is that by the time I get home and get dinner finished, I would only have a lil over an hour to relax before I should be heading to bed to get up at 3 and do it all over again. Oh well though, the pros outweigh the cons. 

My main focus right now is to save up enough money and get out of the apartment we're currently in. It's great on the inside, a lot of space, 1st floor, own full basement, beautiful backyard, but I can't ever go outside because we have no privacy and we are on a bad side of town. So I usually stay inside. I'm hoping to get some land in the next couple years and locate to a more private area, maybe not so in town...

So back to the full moon.. Someone told me that a blue moon means that there are two full moons in one month.. now I don't know if that's true, but I do know this Friday will be our second full moon this month. So keep your eyes out for the 'extra crankies' in the children and the extra bitchiness in every one else! 

  • Do you have ways to tell when it's a full moon besides the calendar?