Protect Yourself from Embarrassing Tags on Facebook

When I got home today, I checked my personal Facebook account to find someone had tagged me in an embarrassing picture! 
I was mortified and immediately called him to take it down, but I knew that the second that image uploaded to Facebook, the damage was already done.

Hide Me!

I hate bad pictures of me and am known to request that they be taken down, but what about party pictures and pictures that you don't want family to see? If you have any life at all this could happen to you. 

Let's face it people, photos can get people in trouble. I knew someone who called out of work and a friend uploaded a picture of them at the beach. Well, they had a couple people from work on their Facebook and word got around and they ended up getting fired. 

I like to go out and have a good time, drink a little, but that doesn't mean I want my family to see pictures of me holding shots. 

So I decided that it's time to adjust my privacy settings

Spare yourself the embarrassment or possible consequences by doing these simple steps. 

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  1. First click the drop down menu next to home in the upper right hand corner
  2. Click privacy settings
  3. Click Edit Settings next to Timeline and Tagging
  4. Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline. 
    This is what you want to choose and make sure it is ON. Meaning you want to approve pictures your tagged in before people on your friends list can see them. 


I hope I helped! 
Any questions don't hesitate to ask in the comments. 

Jump Off A Bridge! #wordlesswednesday

Going through my photos, I recently stumbled across some I took of some kids jumping over a bridge. I love the facial expressions!

For more photos, check out my flickr page!

Getting Ready for the Holidays

A Christmas tree inside a home.
A Christmas tree inside a home. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It's been a while since I posted about my holiday box so i figured since I've been thinking a lot about it, now would be a great time to share what ive been doing to prepare for a less stressful Christmas.

I started shopping in January as soon as the holiday stuff went on sale. I grabbed a few Disney card games for under $3 and a few other things that caught my eye.

I have been earning points online all year through a few different sites. One that comes to mind is super points. Check out my review. Super points lets me earn points in several different ways. I now have just enough points for a $25 gift card, which can either be spent on Christmas gifts, or given away as a gift. Join Super points now to start earning!
Through out the year I have been collecting free samples, coupons, odd and ends, and other things I've found at great marked down prices.

I've been visiting the thrift stores frequently for items that are unique and items that made me think of people on my list. Some things found in thrift stores can not be found at big company stores.
I've also been keeping an eye out online for awesome prices and things that wouldn't be found around where i live. For example, my girl friend loves peacocks, and I found an earring necklace set for under $5 plus with free shipping! Which is great! It was even cheap enough to get myself a similar pair! Hehe. 

So my holiday box has been accumulating things all year long. 

If you haven't been working on your holiday shopping all year long, it's not too late to get prepared. 
Start off by making a list of all the people you think of during the holidays. My list has 67 people on it, but that doesn't mean that I'm buying 67 different gifts. Some people will just get cards, some will get bakery, and some will get gifts. I wrote down next to each name who is getting what, so I can stay as organized as possible. 

After the list is made out, start writing next to the names of people getting gifts, things that remind you of that person. For example, next to my girlfriend's name I wrote: peacock, turquoise, pink, hello kitty. Because those are all things she really likes and it will make it easier when I'm shopping to just go down the list of possible ideas. 

I'll put up another post in a couple days of my progress, how things are going and the next steps I'm taking to get prepared! Stay tuned!

Bike Accident/Senior Photos #WordlessWednesday

WARNING: Photos below might gross you out, friendly warning!

Senior Photos are due by the end of September. Towards the beginning of summer my cousin tried to get her son, C and me together to take his senior photos but C ended up getting in a really bad bike accident and skinned his face pretty bad, so photos were put off until everything healed.

Well, now, everything is mostly healed up. He still has a few noticeable scars, but I have Photoshop and I knew I could edit them out. After all, you don't want to remember that every time you look at your senior photos. 

So we went to a nearby waterfall and took a few shots. I wasn't too impressed with the water scene, so as the sun was going down, we thought a field picture might look better. Here is what we got:

This is a before Photoshop picture. Do you notice the scars around his left eye?

A great one

A black and white

One to hang on their wall

  • What do you think? Which one is your favorite? 

For more photos, check out my flickr account!

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It's Been 6 Years

Hello Monday, we meet again..

This weekend was a special one for me. Saturday marked my 6 year anniversary with my hunni! No, I'm not married yet, I wish. So the entire weekend we tried to go out and do fun things together. This also marks the first year we have actually had the money to celebrate and acknowledge it!

Friday night we went to a nearby fair and enjoyed some games, rides, and animals! I definitely don't remember being as much of a wimp as I was when it comes to the rides.. He bought me a lobster roll for dinner and I couldn't leave at the end of the night without fried dough! hehe
Pile O' Pigs anyone?

Life - is pedi's on a Saturday morning after a 74 hour week!

Saturday, I started my day with a very much needed pedicure! After the long week I had had, a foot massage was something I was really looking forward to.

Unfortunately, there was a miss-communication, and he spent more time on my legs and barely touched my feet at all. When I mentioned something to him, he started arguing saying that he goes by time, which didn't make any sense to me.. what does that have to do with anything.
But, when I sat at home, very upset that I didn't get what I paid for, I simply asked myself
"what can I learn from this?" My answer would be
'to communicate better at the beginning of everything and make sure he understands what I'm asking/paying for.' And to ask for 'Kevin' the guy I observed giving someone else a pedi and he seemed more social and friendly! hehe

So I took advantage of having a little extra money this week and decided to go with an ocean theme when searching for a gift Scott might like. Here is what I found:

A Wall Decoration Ship made of steel
A cedar wooden box with a ship burnt on it
A wall decoration fishing pole holder

I paid about $21 total for all three!

Plus a couple other things I snatched for Christmas gifts!

Overall, it was a great weekend!

  • Did anyone else do anything fun for the weekend?

Expect Respect?

Little Book of Common Sense Investing
Little Book of Common Sense Investing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I think common sense, quality work, responsibility, and respect are dying traits. It's so common that people say one thing, and then turn around to do just the opposite. Why do people expect respect but refuse to give it? What happened to earning ones respect? 
It's really frustrating to expect someone and rely on them, and they they don't call, don't show. Or there's a constant problem and they can't help, every time. Just yesterday this happened. When someone says one thing, and then turns around and is caught in public doing something else. 
It is your life, don't get me wrong, but don't expect me to have any respect for you if you can't be honest and if you can't get your priorities straight. 

I had to take this time for a little rant, because sometimes, the stupidity is too much, and I needed an outlet. 

The list of examples could go on and on, but I would love to hear from you. I'm not the only one who feels this way, right? 

Pay it Forward with HelpOthers

stress (Photo credit: bottled_void)

A while ago, I was searching for a 'pay it forward' kind of thing for my co workers. Working in the healthcare field can be very stressful and it rubs off on people, so I started searching online for ideas to remind people to smile. That's when I came across

This is a great website. They have a pay it forward game that uses "smile cards", which is a card that has a cute little saying on it explaining how to play the game and encourages people to pass it on, along with a smile.


You can order some online for free. FREE? Someone has paid for your cards, as an act of kindness. If possible, you can also pay it forward for the next person!

It was really neat watching people find their cards, laugh, and try to figure out who left it for them!

This is a great site I would encourage every one to check out because it's full of inspirational stories, ideas, and good groups to join.

It's easy to forget to smile. Life catches up with you and we all fall into those slumps. Which is another great reason to join this site. Even the emails I get with inspirational stories helps remind me that we can all make life a little better with a smile. 

Back to School - First Day

First Day of School
First Day of School (Photo credit: ICStarzz)
First Day of School
First Day of School (Photo credit: ICStarzz)
Yesterday was the first day of school for the kiddos in my area, so back to getting up super early to get to their house for 5 something. I have to admit I was a little nervous hoping everything would run smoothly.

This is my 4th year with lil man, but the first year I'm able to take on another lil boy his age. Lil man seemed nervous that someone else would be taking up my time but I'm confident that he will see that there won't be any difference in the morning except he'll be less bored during free time.

Got to love the first day. The bus was 30 minutes late for pick up in the morning, and I waited an hour at the bus stop in the afternoon. crazy crazy. Today should definitely be easier. 


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