Getting Ready for the Holidays

A Christmas tree inside a home.
A Christmas tree inside a home. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It's been a while since I posted about my holiday box so i figured since I've been thinking a lot about it, now would be a great time to share what ive been doing to prepare for a less stressful Christmas.

I started shopping in January as soon as the holiday stuff went on sale. I grabbed a few Disney card games for under $3 and a few other things that caught my eye.

I have been earning points online all year through a few different sites. One that comes to mind is super points. Check out my review. Super points lets me earn points in several different ways. I now have just enough points for a $25 gift card, which can either be spent on Christmas gifts, or given away as a gift. Join Super points now to start earning!
Through out the year I have been collecting free samples, coupons, odd and ends, and other things I've found at great marked down prices.

I've been visiting the thrift stores frequently for items that are unique and items that made me think of people on my list. Some things found in thrift stores can not be found at big company stores.
I've also been keeping an eye out online for awesome prices and things that wouldn't be found around where i live. For example, my girl friend loves peacocks, and I found an earring necklace set for under $5 plus with free shipping! Which is great! It was even cheap enough to get myself a similar pair! Hehe. 

So my holiday box has been accumulating things all year long. 

If you haven't been working on your holiday shopping all year long, it's not too late to get prepared. 
Start off by making a list of all the people you think of during the holidays. My list has 67 people on it, but that doesn't mean that I'm buying 67 different gifts. Some people will just get cards, some will get bakery, and some will get gifts. I wrote down next to each name who is getting what, so I can stay as organized as possible. 

After the list is made out, start writing next to the names of people getting gifts, things that remind you of that person. For example, next to my girlfriend's name I wrote: peacock, turquoise, pink, hello kitty. Because those are all things she really likes and it will make it easier when I'm shopping to just go down the list of possible ideas. 

I'll put up another post in a couple days of my progress, how things are going and the next steps I'm taking to get prepared! Stay tuned!