Pay It Forward with Gutzy Gear!

"Add Personality to your pack with our cool collection of collectible patches!  Share, Trade, and collect ‘em all!"

Photo by Gutzy Gear

Recently, I participated in the pay it forward Gutzy Gear campain. I was given $25 to spend on as many school supplies as possible for a child in need. I wanted to find a family to sponsor, so I inquired on Facebook and asked around if anyone needed anything, that I was trying to find a family to help out, but no one came forward.
A few days later my neighbor came up to me ecstatic that she got her son into a really good school for kindergarten.
My first question was, "have you gone school shopping yet?"
"I have to afford it first." she said.
PERFECT! I told her about Gutzy Gear and my blog, and we set up a date to go shopping.
 I had gone online the day before and read flyers to try and figure out which stores we needed to hit for the best prices. The two best stores in our area were Dollar Tree and Walmart. 

We went to Dollar Tree first: 

  • 12 #2 Pencils = $1
  • 2 RoseArt gluesticks = $1
  • 6 pack of erasers = $1
  • 1 pencil case = $1
  • 3 pocket folders = $3
  • 1 wide ruled spiral bound notebook = $1
  • 1 Disney colors & shapes flashcards = FREE
  • 1 Disney Alphabet workbook = FREE 

Dollar Tree now accepts coupons so I used two $1 off coupons for any Disney or Marvel item. 
Save $1.00 on any Marvel or Disney item.
Click to Enlarge.
The total at Dollar Tree was $11.22 + 2 $1 off coupons = $9.22
The one reciept I could find!
Then we went to Walmart:
  • 8 pack of kleenex = $2.26
  • 2 boxes of crayola crayons = $1
  • 2 2packs of elmers glue sticks = $1
  • crayola markers = $.97
  • Composition Book = $.50
  • Cars backpack = $9.88

I was adamant about getting crayola products instead of rose-art because I think they are better. When I saw better glue sticks, (Elmer's) at Walmart I grabbed those, also

The total at Walmart was $16.39
Grand Total = $25.61

Everything we got! Click photos to enlarge!

Showing off his new backpack

He was so happy to show off his new Cars backpack! 

These are the two straps and two patches that Gutzy Gear sent!

There are so many different gutzies to choose from. I love the character gutzies like the spiderman and sonic ones!

The gutzy gear straps can be used on backpacks, scooters, guitar straps, they even have hats and books you can add the gutzies to!

Don't forget to check out their website for e-cards, virtual gutzies, free downloads, and more!

This event was sponsored by Gutzy Gear and powered by Madam Deals Media

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A big thank you to them! It's a great feeling to pay it forward!

  • Remember, you don't have to donate a whole backpack to pay it forward, every little bit counts! If you can't find a family, or an organization to donate to, drop the supplies off at a school. Teachers are always in need of extra school supplies!

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