Is the opposite of stress, excitement?

Getting things through out the year makes it hard to keep it a secret! Every time my girl friend's come over, I want to tease them so bad that I have their gifts in the next room. As we approach December rather quickly, I can't help but notice how different I feel this year about it. Is the opposite of stress, excitement? Because I am so excited for the holidays to get here! I'm so excited to see the faces of my friends and family as I hand out gifts that I know they are going to like. Gifts that I know they won't find at any stores around here.

Here are some cheap things I have come across on Amazon. I have a prime account because I hate shipping charges and I can guarantee a quick delivery. 

Reasons you should start your Christmas shopping in January.

I love to see people’s faces when I tell them I've been Christmas shopping since January. They are like, “wow! You’re insane!” but then again, they follow right after with how stressful the holidays always are which makes me mention that my holiday shopping is already almost finished!

I have been collecting things all year and putting them away in my holiday box for December. (or emergency birthday gifts!) I refuse to stress this year!

Something that’s really convenient for shopping all year is that I’m not relying on a month’s worth of checks and I’m not having to save up. I’m not going broke, I won’t have to spend January 2013 in the hole, catching up on all the money I just spent. By shopping early, I can leisurely buy here and there, making sure my bills and other things I need aren't being neglected.

More time for family and fun!
If I were to wait til the end of the year to Christmas shop, I’m going to fall into a trap, ending up spending way more money than needed. Everyone knows that throughout the year, there are different sales depending on what you’re looking for. I want to be able to catch things when they are the cheapest! Check out a great article I've found; The Best Times to Buy Anything, All Year Round!

Emergency Gifts!
Did you forget it was someone’s birthday?! It happens. Everyone knows I’m not the best at remembering things, but I don’t like being caught off guard either. So I make sure to pick up a few extra things to throw in the holiday box for “just in casers”.
For example: Sometimes on Amazon, I catch some really nice jewelry on sale, or cheap and I buy $10 worth and tuck it in my box. If they aren't used as emergency birthday gifts, they make great stocking stuffers, or prizes for my annual parties.
Right now on Amazon, I found a few IPhone 4 cases (which most of my friends own IPhones) so I grabbed a few of those to add to the box.

eForCity 4x Color Clear Flower Butterfly Rubber Gel TPU Case Cover for iPhone® 4 4S 4G

For those die hard black Friday shoppers.. why not mark as many things off your list during the year, that way, when black Friday comes, you can focus on wrapping up loose ends. If there was something you've been looking for all year that hasn't come down on price, now you can focus on those FEW items to make black Friday more successful and safer.

It’s a relieving and exciting feeling to know you are all set for Christmas and it’s not even December yet. The hardest thing is keeping your gifts a secret. For once, I am looking forward to the holidays. I can’t wait for people to see what I got them, because everything I got has meaning behind it. I am no longer running to the stores to get a meaningless bath set I know my cousins are never going to use.

I’m trying to convince you, but not give away everything I got.. lol

I have two cousins, J & M. I could have gotten them each a $10 bath set, totaling in $20.
I could shop early and catch the Clair’s sale that went super quick this past week, and get them each a customized letter hanger for less than $10 total.

It’s not about the money spent, it’s about the effort and the thought and I think I nailed both!
  • It’s not too late for you to start your shopping for a less stressful holiday!

Fall themed Photography Ideas!

It's that time of year, School is back, which means School pictures. I know both as a mother and former student that school pictures aren't always the best looking. & Its so easy to do it yourself, 
fall themed photography.

 PUMPKIN PATCH THEME (Younger children)
             First, Most of us are going to get pumpkins for carving anyway right? So if you go, go ahead and grab the camera. First make sure its alright with the pumpkin patch that you take some photographs, stress you are there to get some pumpkins too. I find most (at least in my area) don't mind one bit.

          Second, if you have really young, (toddler) aged children, LET THEM RUN. (If its a safe zone.) Don't make the younger children pose for the photographs, Children I find are best photographed doing the natural things that children do. Be themselves.

         Third- Don't be afraid to get "odd" angles and shots. Get down to the pumpkin level, get down on your knees, get dirty. You might be surprised how well the photographs can turn out if you think outside the box. Do the funny face shots, do the cute looks, the odd shots. if you don't like them, well its a lesson learned. :)

         Fourth, bring some props, like a cute Halloween book. It can't hurt. Use the pumpkins, and the hay to your needs. Don't be afraid. HAVE FUN.

© Kathleen Dorman Photography
© Kathleen Dorman Photography

© Kathleen Dorman Photography

(I haven't done this with Apple picking, but I am sure this would work there too.)

                  If you have trees in your yard, my guess is that you are going to have to either rake, or use a leaf blower them into a pile. :) Again, another great photo op for younger children! They have so much fun, and will remember the day. Children naturally love playing in leaves, so why not use it to make some precious photographs of your child?
      Same Idea applies as The Pumpkin patch. Have fun with it. Think outside of the box. Enjoy it. Make them laugh and giggle, or just let them go. Give them the rake, let them have fun.

© Kathleen Dorman Photography

© Kathleen Dorman Photography

© Kathleen Dorman Photography

© Kathleen Dorman Photography

© Kathleen Dorman Photography

For teens and older children, ideal places are wooden areas. Natural backdrops, Trees, Lakes, ect ect. And let the personality of the children/teen shine through. Let them make their own poses, (yeah I know the duck-face pose is a big one with them.) Its easy to let them do the poses they want first and then ask them for the pose you would like. Teenage couples are an easy way to get them to agree to the shots too. Do some as couples and some singles. that way everyone's happy. 

  • What are your tips and tricks?

-post written by Kathleen Dorman

My Jewelry Tree #PROJECTDecor #wordlesswednesday

Inspired by a Google search!

FreshMommy: #PROJECTdecor began with a desire to purge and simplify, to take a room that was bulging with too much...

I don't know about the rest of you ladies but I could be having the best day ever until I go home. I can't stand clutter, it's an eye sore. The minute I walk in from my day and see things sprawled all over the coffee table, clothes tossed here and there, dishes piled up in the sink, I start twitching.

That's why I try to straighten up before I go to work, but something I've always struggled with is where to put my jewelry. I have an armoir, but everything gets tangled up in there and I often forget what I even own, (I still can never have enough jewelry!) It's become a habit to just unload anywhere. So there are earrings all over the house. In the bathroom, bedroom, living room, office. I'm sure I could even find some in the kitchen.. 

Sunday, I came across a jewelry tree online and asked my hunni if it would be hard to make one. Maybe he should have thought a little more before he answered, hehe, cause if you say it's pretty easy, then let's do it! So he went to the shed to get wire. 

He just did a lot of twisting and shaping.
I think all the different colors looked neat, but with all the earrings on it, now it just looks really busy, so I think he mentioned something about wanting to paint it sometime. But for now, I love it, right on the wall for me to show off! 

And putting my jewelry away it actually fun!

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