My Jewelry Tree #PROJECTDecor #wordlesswednesday

Inspired by a Google search!

FreshMommy: #PROJECTdecor began with a desire to purge and simplify, to take a room that was bulging with too much...

I don't know about the rest of you ladies but I could be having the best day ever until I go home. I can't stand clutter, it's an eye sore. The minute I walk in from my day and see things sprawled all over the coffee table, clothes tossed here and there, dishes piled up in the sink, I start twitching.

That's why I try to straighten up before I go to work, but something I've always struggled with is where to put my jewelry. I have an armoir, but everything gets tangled up in there and I often forget what I even own, (I still can never have enough jewelry!) It's become a habit to just unload anywhere. So there are earrings all over the house. In the bathroom, bedroom, living room, office. I'm sure I could even find some in the kitchen.. 

Sunday, I came across a jewelry tree online and asked my hunni if it would be hard to make one. Maybe he should have thought a little more before he answered, hehe, cause if you say it's pretty easy, then let's do it! So he went to the shed to get wire. 

He just did a lot of twisting and shaping.
I think all the different colors looked neat, but with all the earrings on it, now it just looks really busy, so I think he mentioned something about wanting to paint it sometime. But for now, I love it, right on the wall for me to show off! 

And putting my jewelry away it actually fun!

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