It's Almost Time!! #OCC

I am so excited to remind everyone that there is about a week left to pack a shoe box for Operation Christmas Child!

What is Operation Christmas Child?

It is an organization that is dedicated to demonstrating God's love in a tangible way. These shoe boxes get sent all over the world to give something to children who normally wouldn't get anything for Christmas. 

I am not a  very religious person, but I love to give back and to donate. I searched around for other places to donate and everyone else I found wanted cash. Some wanted a minimum of $25, and I know I'm not the only one with doubts wondering if the donated money really reaches the destination promised.

2012 Follow Your Box
When OhAmanda blogged about it a couple years ago, her post touched me. I really like that I can fill the shoe boxes up with items I think the kids will like and I can even follow my box to see where it goes!

My goal this year is to fill more boxes than I did last year, which was 7 and to also spread the word for those who might not know about it. 

I know donating around the holidays can be hard because everyone is so pressed for money, but it's a really great feeling to put a smile on a little one's face. You really can make a difference! Almost everyone has an empty shoe box lying around. So take $10 and head to the dollar tree to get a majority of the items there! This doesn't have to empty your wallets!

I really hope this post has reached someone who has never heard about it, or those who needed a reminder! 

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