Make Your Wishlist Online!

It's something I've always been in the habit of. I love writing lists, but I also hate being put on the spot when someone asks me what I want for my birthday or Christmas, for some reason, I can't ever think of any suggestions. So when I came across the Amazon Wishlist app. I was really excited!

Some cool things about an Amazon Wishlist

  • You need an amazon account, which is free
  • You can access your list from any internet. It's right on
  • You can add any item from any site, it doesn't have to be something on Amazon. 
  • You can add the wishlist to your browser so you can quickly add items from other websites
  • It works with Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, FireFox, and IPad. 
  • You can add notes to each item and rate them from most important to least
  • You can manage the list, share it, print it
  • You can create multiple wishlists
  • Amazon stores your address privately, but allows others to ship items to you

It's like window shopping from home. Which is fun to me. But it also makes it easier when that dreaded question is asked. "What do you want for your birthday/the holidays?" And now I'll be more prepared. I can't be the only person that likes making lists, and hates that question.

Smiley Rocks
Smiley Rocks (Photo credit: w3i_yu)