What I've Been Up To

Update on Christmas List: I have pretty much everyone on my Christmas list taken care of. There are only a few loose ends I need to tie up, and I'm finding it a tad bit stressful because the loose end people usually are the hardest to buy for. They either have everything, or the things I want to get them are a little pricey. Oh well, I just continue to keep an eye out for deals every where and hopes that something comes up.
I've been on Amazon every day and boy I must say Amazon is addicting! There are things constantly kept in my shopping cart! hehe

Update on donating: I have been spreading the word of Operation Christmas Child to everyone I can think of. Reminding them that the due date for the boxes is coming up in less than a week. My goal was to donate about 9 boxes this year, but I'm torn. I feel so awful for the Hurricane Sandy victims that I think instead of donating shoe boxes to Samaritan's Purse, I'm going to take the money I would have spent on that and donate it to the victims. Even though we aren't hearing about it much in the news anymore, people are still dealing with damaged homes, freezing conditions, and barely any food. I can't imagine having to go through that! Especially two weeks before Thanksgiving! 

Update on me: Tuesday I got a nice reminder to slow down after I fell down my stairs on the way to work. I sprained my foot and have been on crutches all week. I didn't think using crutches would be too hard but a huge reality check I got. My arms, hands, and both legs are so sore from carrying my weight around this way. I'm learning the hard way some new things I never knew before. Like how if you don't get hurt at work, they don't have to accommodate any light duty work. Instead, they sent me home and told me not to come back until I don't need crutches. It's so frustrating because I could have easily caught up on my paperwork. But then again, i understand the liability if I hurt myself further at work. 

Everything is a hassle and things as simple as bringing items from one room to the next can be a challenge. I am really hoping to be good as new come Monday so I can go back to work. The chances of that would be a lot better if I could stop re-injuring myself, though.
I figured out how to carry my coffee around! =D