How To Make Your Own Jeopardy Game

*Adds jeopardy music to the background*

Jeopardy is always a hit at my annual parties! Even though, it's a lot of work to make a game, I really enjoy making it, and hosting while people try to guess the answers. 
I was inspired to make this post when a coworker approached me and asked how to make their own game. 

Here's How I Do It:

I offer prizes to make the game more competitive and more fun. 
I spend all year collecting $1 prizes from the internet and stores around town. When I first started, I only bought from the dollar tree. Now that I'm able to get free things online throughout the year, a lot of it gets thrown into the box as well to add more of a variety. 
Go online and start looking for questions. I've been all over the internet. I've made enough Jeopardy games that it's more difficult than ever to get questions people haven't already answered. When you're looking, be aware that most websites are going to try and get you to pay for their trivia. Out of all the games I've made, I've never once dished out any money to make these. I'll find the answers on a different website. 
Keep your eyes out for trivia in random places! A coworker of mine kept bringing in her cereal cover boxes because of the trivia on the back!
Google is great. Play with your search words to get many different types of trivia. Instead of relying on "trivia questions and answers" try "Christmas trivia" or "90's trivia" I even like to spice it up more with adult only parties and create topics that you would never see on the game show! hehe
At this point, all the questions are found and should be typed out. (typing is easier so you can edit as you please)
Look through the trivia and decide which questions in each category should be worth 100, 200, 300, 400, & 500 points. Obviously the easier questions would be worth less and the harder questions worth more.
I usually play this game at parties where people might be a little buzzed, so I usually choose a lot of multiple choice questions to make it easier. 
Next, fold 30 pieces of paper in half. On the outside of 25 of them, label 100, 200, 300, 400, & 500.
On the inside, put your questions that go with the correct numbers. 
On the remaining 5, put the category titles on the inside of the folded paper. (I like to hide the topics until just before playing)
See above photo



I usually tape the papers to a big cardboard poster for easy travel! 

Other tidbits:

  • When you're ready to play, don't forget to tell people the rules. 
  • I like to customize my rules for each party. 
  • If there is alcohol, I usually don't sit there and time people to answer quickly. 
  • Half way through the game, we refuel with snacks. 
  • I have a friend help keep score so I can focus on asking questions. 
  • The players usually want to know if points will be taken away for wrong answers. 
  • I also go by taking turns, not shouting out answers. Makes the game less complicated.

Oh yea. I'm totally "Alex Trebekking" it!

This game is fun and people look forward to it every year. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to make this before the party day because it is a lot of work, and usually by the time I'm done making it, my hands kill from writing so much! 


So I hope this has given you a few decent tips and I wish you luck at your next party! 
Don't hesitate to comment and let me know how it went!