National Coming Out Day

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Long time no post! Sorry about that by the way, it’s my senior year (which I’ve probably mentioned) and I realized it’s turning out to be a lot busier than I expected! So today is National Coming Out Day-a day to celebrate LGBTQQIAA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Ally, and Asexual) coming out of the closet. Many posts have been made to support all of our friends and family.

On top of it being LGBTQQIAA History Month (which just focuses on the different leaders that have been a part of its history), there have been many articles posted with this theme…

This article again posted in the Huffington Post is an article about a father, who was killed while walking across the country as a tribute to his dead son who was gay.

And then there’s this article about Josh Hutcherson basically putting it out there that sexuality is a fluid concept.
There are so many articles out there talking about different aspects of the LGBT community. Articles that are both good and bad, but I think that comes to show how aware people are becoming of this topic. Whether you’re okay with LGBT people or not, I want you think about what it is like to be in their shoes. How hard it is to come out of the closet and to live daily with the idea that some people (that could be your family) don’t even support you.


Biker Charged After SUV Gang Assault, Says He's Not Responsible

Christopher Cruz is one of the motorcyclists that was involved in the beating of a father in front of his wife and 2 year old. 

Father with family in SUV chased and beaten by bikers

Did you hear about the car chase that involved 20-30 bikers and a family in an SUV in Manhattan, New York a couple days ago?
Apparently the bikers got mad when the driver called 911 to report an unauthorized bike rally and they decided to chase him down the road with his wife and two year old in the vehicle.
At one point, the SUV does come to a stop, and one of the bikers tries to run up to the vehicle. The SUV then takes off, clipping one of the bikers and apparently breaking his legs and injuring his spine. 

The bikers continue to chase the SUV. 
The video shows the bikers riding on all sides, slowing down in front of the SUV to get them to a stop.  The SUV is forced to stop and one of the bikers runs up to the vehicle and tries to open the door. The SUV takes off again, clipping another biker.

The chase continues until they get the SUV to stop again, and then one of the bikers smashes the window with his helmet and starts beating the man in front of his family.

Read the original story here

Now the wife of one of the bikers that was run over is claiming that her husband was a victim in this situation and that the driver of the SUV should be charged with wreck-less driving.

Wife: Biker husband is victim in NYC altercation

That he was only getting off his bike to help another biker who had been clipped.

I'm sorry, but if I were in the father's position, I would have run people over to get my family out of danger also! I would be so mad if he's charged with anything. And frankly, it worries me that these bikers are going to get away with it because it sounds like they have good lawyers.

Motorcyclist charged in New York attack on SUV driver is released on bail

Motorcyclist Denies Any Role in Assault on SUV Driver

What do you think? Should the driver be liable?

Those Are Really Big Dogs Jake.. #wordlesswednesday

Today was lil man's first day! I've been providing before care for 5 years! I can't believe I started when he was in kindergarten. It feels like yesterday! I love the sign idea, I saw a bunch on pinterest. I wish I would have been doing it since the beginning,  but it's better late than never, right? 

And on the way back home, Jake and I saw a bunch of cows right next to the road so we pulled over and watched them for a few minutes.
"Those are really big dogs, huh Jake?"

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Back to School-College

Hey guys!
It's officially back to school season! My new roommate just moved in (I've been living on campus all summer) and the other two move in tomorrow. It's got me thinking about my last (hopefully!) school year (until grad school whenever I go!). I intend to make this a great year with a million things piled on.

-internship (16 hours a week!) 
-two jobs

I literally have to plan my life out. (If you want to get together, let me pencil it in!) I guess it's a hint at how my life will be like in the future as a licensed social worker (again hopefully!). 

I do have some tips for the newbies entering college.

  • Learn to cook in a microwave. The dining hall food isn't that great and you'll be itching for a nice homemade meal soon. There are tons of websites and cookbooks that can give you recipes. (Pinterest!) 
  • Find out if you actually need the textbook for a class. If you don't, you don't have to worry about paying for textbooks. If you do, look on amazon or chegg (to rent). The school's bookstores are usually high in price and getting them used is super easy!
  • Set boundaries with your roommates. You'll have issues with them and you'll want to work them out. Setting boundaries will definitely help keep some issues off your radar. 
  • Do your homework. Obviously you know this, but homework in college is a lot harder then homework in high school. So you'll want to take the time. However you study, do it as often as possible and you'll get awesome grades.
  • Check out the different activities the college offers-sports, classes (there are a ton of athletic classes, art classes, cooking classes, etc that are fun!), programs offered by the RAs (free food or trips to places around the college). You especially want to look into free stuff because where else will you get these awesome offers for free?
  • Manage your money well. I didn't do that that and ended up poorer by the end of the semester waiting for the next refund. 

These are some tips that I can think of. My brain is still not in school mode so I'm not thinking as great as I can be! Next week maybe!

I hope you all are having a fantastic labor day! 

Let me know if you have any questions!


Budgeting 101 Part 2

Hey guys!

I've been reading a couple of books that I got from the library (America's Cheapest Family and David Ramsey's Total Money Makeover). They've totally helped me in figuring out my budget and ways to save! I totally recommend reading them. (David Ramsey is a little religious in his books, but his ideas are prime.). 

Here are some tips I picked up along the way:

Rainbow Lovers - Before and After #wordlesswednesday

Happy hump day!! WOOHOO!! I feel like the camel on that commercial! 

Another Way of Journaling

Hey guys! 
Two of the many things I enjoy doing are art and journaling. About a million (maybe less!) years ago, I found this new sort of journaling-it's called art journaling. Instead of writing out your feelings you use art to capture how you truly feel. For instance, the image below (on the right) the big star says "You will make it" then there are some quotes about shooting for the stars. 
I put that in there because I have a generalized anxiety disorder and sometimes I just need a little pick me up. You don't always have to use words, I personally am a quote-a-holic so I always have words. 
This picture (above) is one of the rare ones where I just have somethings in. They are obviously symbolizing 2010 New Years. As of right now, I don't really remember the importance of it, but I tend to put random stuff into my journals.

So the rules of journaling-there aren't any! You can use whatever-
-magazine cut-outs
-random arts and crafts supplies

For example, I used the tray that chocolates come in, that my mom gave to me!

There are so many things you can do, the best part is, if you don't want anyone to look into them, you don't have too! It's your journal, add anything you want! 

It's definitely a nice release and it's so fun! I'm going to leave you with some awesome links to get you started!

Oh and P.S. there are many art journalers (art journalists?!?!) that do tutorials for random techniques (Journal Girl has tons of youtube videos!)

Here's my latest (as of today!) that I've completed. 

It says "You think the only people who are people, are the people who look and think like you. But if you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you'll learn things you never knew you never knew" 

P.s. Feel free to ask any questions!

Do You Enter Giveaways? A Warning.

If you're coming across this page and you haven't read my When To Call Someone Out Online post, I suggest you do. Other wise, this post is going to sound like slander.

Have you ever entered in a giveaway and won? Contacted the sponsor, (the person who has promised you this prize and in charge of sending it out), and then got flat out ignored, with no intention of sending a prize out? 

That happened to me this year. I won a $50 Target Gift Card sponsored by HandBags & Handguns and after many failed attempts to contact her privately  I decided to go more public. Like the Facebook pages and this blog post.

I don't want anyone else to have to go through the disappointment that I want through. 

So A Warning: I won a gift card that Misty never intended on sending. So caution before entering any giveaways from this site:
Handbags & Handguns: website, facebook, twitter, beware.

And please don't be discouraged from entering other giveaways from other bloggers. We aren't all liars. Most of us are genuine  thoughtful people who really appreciate the time you take to visit our blogs. 

Thank you.

When To Call Someone Out Online

Calling Someone Out Online: This is something I try my hardest 

to stay away from. Talking bad about someone or a business can really hurt a person or their livelihood. I try not to put anyone's name online when I feel I have to vent about something and I try not to put anything online that indirectly calls them out either. I usually stick to open quotes and a light vent that technically could apply to anyone.

But what happens when you are wronged online, and there's nothing you can do about it? What happens when you win a giveaway on a blog (a $50 Gift Card), and they out right ignore you like they never sponsored the giveaway? I truly struggled with this one. Do I call them out publicly? When is the right time? How many chances should I give them before I do? 

Take Away Distractions in Your Photos #wordlesswednesday

I'm still sifting through photos from Emily and Will's wedding. I could have been done already, but I'm taking my time to make sure every thing is the best it can be! 
That means erasing some of the distractions in the photos, like stray hairs and background people to make sure that the right people are the focus of the photo like I did below.
I believe you can click on each photo to enlarge.




What do you think? Can you spot all the things I've erased from each photo?

See more photos from the album here

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Budgeting 101

As a college student, I'm super poor. Since I barely work at this one job (I just got another! Yay!) I decided it was about time I got serious and really learned to budget. I've dabbled in it a little bit, but didn't really try. Since I'll be graduating from college in a year (yay!) and was dealing with spending most of my paychecks each couple of weeks, I decided it was time.
   I went on Pinterest and google and found all these little things that would help me. 

One of things was meal planning. So I tried it this past week. It didn't go according to plan, mostly because I'd switch around the meals. Which I figured was okay as long as I stuck to what I had planned throughout the week.
   Another thing I tried was coupons. Whenever I go home I always look through the Sunday newspaper for some coupons, so I have some from when I was last home. 

The other thing I found out was that you can get rewards from rite aid! I use rite aid only for my prescriptions, but now I'm going to shop there as well! (I'll talk more about it in another post!)

   One of the things I read was that you should shop at a couple of different stores. In my town, they have one grocery store and its pretty expensive (this is coming from someone who shopped mostly in New Hampshire because its cheaper!). I've now signed up for daily deals from rite aid, hannafords, Walmart and the dollar tree. 
    It's been one week since I've started this quest. Hopefully I'll be able to complete it! Maybe since I posted it online, that'll be my incentive?!

Do you have any budgeting tips?

P.S. Here's my link to my pinterest boards. Follow me!
P.P.S. I will be creating a series about this subject so look out for more info on it!

Inspiration is Everywhere! #wordlesswednesday

I photographed a beautiful wedding up Maine this weekend. Sifting through all of these photos there was one that stood out to me and gave me inspiration.. 

What I saw in this photo was a silhouette of a beautiful girl with flowers in her hair. I chose this as my wordless Wednesday because I wanted to show that there's still potential even when the photo didn't come out the way you wanted. Look for the beauty. Inspiration is every where! 

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