Twin Girls Are On The Way! #wordlesswednesday

Ok, I'm officially excited to announce that my brother and his girlfriend are having twin girls! How exciting that in about a month I'm going to be an Aunty! I am so excited for them and I enjoyed taking photos at their baby shower last Sunday. The pictures are adorable and I love the face of my brother in a lot of photos. He seems very optimistic and excited about the whole thing and I'm happy for both of them. What a cute little family they are about to have!

Matthew, I am so proud of you. As I sit back and go through these photos of your baby shower, I am happy to see the looks of excitement coming from you, as you and Jessica opened the baby gifts. The photos of you together show so much love and happiness. This is going to be quite the journey for you both, but with your attitude of tackling things head on, I've got no doubt that you guys will be great parents! Remembering that you and Jessica are a team will keep your family strong and connected. I am so happy for you both and congratulations!!

"It's so tiny!"

New Family <3

Click here to view more pictures from the baby shower.
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