Do You Over Analyze?

The Friendship
The Friendship (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I can't  be the only one who over analyzes friendships. Have you ever hung out with a friend and had them talk a bunch of trash about their other supposed friend? (There's a difference between venting and trashing) I can't be the only who thinks that if they can easily do it to their friend, what's stopping them from talking about me when I'm not around?

What about when you're hanging out and your friend gets a call that they send straight to voice-mail  Is that what happens when I call? 

A big one to me is watching how friends treat each other during a fight. I think a healthy friendship can work it out without a bunch of drama, side taking, and trash talking. Even if you both decide that there's no friendship anymore, to have anyone talk trash is someone I want to stay away from. To have someone who is going to freak out when we can't see eye to eye is not a healthy friendship, it sounds more like a ticking time bomb. 

I tend to try and observe how people treat each other, because with how easily people can just hurt each other without thinking twice, it makes me take a step back and ponder whether they are even friend material at all. There's no shame in trying to protect myself is there?

  • Does anyone else "over analyze"? 
  • Has a supposed friend done something in front of you that has made you question your friendship?