They Say You Shouldn't Mix Business With Pleasure...

Business and Pleasure
Business and Pleasure (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They say you shouldn't mix business and pleasure. Back in the day, work was a very common place that you would meet potential friends. Now, it's not recommended because people can't mind their business and often take their problems and personal life to work, affecting their work habits. Either that, or they choose to vent things on Facebook for all to see. 

What if you own your own company? Not a big company, but a cleaning company that goes into people's homes. These people own nice things, making me hesitant to bring in some random person looking for work. I would rather bring a friend. 

But then I open myself up to potential situations that would ruin a friendship. Especially when they don't call or show. Or when they show up late. I've gone through a good amount of friends trying to find someone reliable enough to help me with my cleaning jobs but often find myself aggravated with them because of their business ethics

I can't help but mix business and pleasure. If I notice that you can't be reliable at work, and you continuously don't show effort, and you're always complaining about someone or something, then I'm pretty sure that your friendship qualities are about the same. How can you be reliable as a friend? And how would I know that you aren't talking about me to other people if you do it at work to someone else? 

  • What are your thoughts on this? 
  • Where do you meet new people? 
  • Where does that line go between business and pleasure, if there is one at all?