Every Woman Needs A Handbag Pouch Organizer! #28VDayPhotoChallenge

Day 11

In Your Bag/Purse

I never thought I would be excited to share what's in my purse but if you've never heard of a handbag pouch-bag organizer than you are missing out!

It's not only great for organizing everything us women need in our purses, but it makes switching purses super easy! 
I never have to go searching through my black hole of a purse again! I know where everything is.

I would definitely suggest this to every purse using woman!

Amazon Photo

So inside my purse I have many things. I have my wallet and emergency travel earring case in the top photo. 
In the bottom photo I have my toiletries, vehicle papers, aspirin  pens, eyeliners, and a word scrambler that my grandfather used to own. Every time I see it I think of him, so I carry it around with me.

And with my purse organizer, I could even find these things blindfolded!

  • What's in your purse/bag that you've got to have?

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