I love #art #28VDayPhotoChallenge

Day 18

Your Art

I used to love drawing. Now, I don't have much time for it.
Showing off my previous drawings and art never gets old though.

Jessica Rabbit

Then I moved on to pumpkin carvings.
Brian - Family Guy
What's sad is I never got a picture of the best pumpkin carving I have ever carved. It was a fairy silhouette that took over 4 hours to carve. It looked stunning. Perhaps I'll attempt it again someday. 

Then I got a hold of Adobe Photoshop and I started dabbling in Vector arts. I'm not too good but this is the best thing that I've made.
Made this rose from scratch

Now, I can fix photos, and do all sorts of crazy things with photo shop!
There are only 2 tattoos here that are real.

I made my brother as a zombie!

I even won a contest that turned my distorted zombie pictures into a book cover!


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