My Valentine #28VDayPhotoChallenge

Day 14

Your Valentine

I got this Valentine from the people I provide child care for! But they are also my friends! I'm so fortunate to have them as friends. They are so thoughtful all of the time.
They got me a Valentines fridge magnet, purple nail polish, a candle, chocolates, lip gloss, and heart socks! 

My hunni and I are still trying to catch up on bills. (We would have been caught up already but have had a couple unexpected things happen in between.) So we didn't really have much of a Valentine's. I made cookies and brownies for the house and my coworkers though.

It's not about the gifts I know that, and even though I keep telling myself that, it still makes me a little sad that we've been together 6 years and it still seems like something always happens right around all the holidays so we have to put our money into those mishaps.  
It's crazy how life often seems.

The road of life sure is a bumpy ride sometimes!

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