On My Mind #28VDayPhotoChallenge

Day 10

Something On Your Mind

My website has been on my mind a lot. 
I usually have the most time to think about it on the weekends and today is Sunday. Lately I've been thinking that I'm ready for a new template and design, because I was told that one of the reasons I might not be able to get the Facebook comment box with the disqus comments is because of the layout I'm using. Which brings me back to square one because I don't know how to start from scratch, I just know how to adjust the codes. Someone made the last layout for me. 
So I've been a little stressed about that. I'm thinking I might actually hire someone to make the website I'm picturing instead of putting myself through hell, but that means saving up, which could take a while, because there's a lot of other things that need to come first.

My cleaning business has also been on my mind a lot. I just got these in the mail yesterday (minus the hearts) and I'm excited to start handing them out. I'm hoping just to get a few more clients to help the two ladies I have working with me. I want to keep them working for me, so I need to find more hours for them. 

Tomorrow's Challenge: In Your Bag/Purse

What's been on your mind?