What Am I Reading? #28VDayPhotoChallenge

Day 19

What Are You Reading?

Validation Techniques for Dementia Care

is the book I'm currently reading to provide better care for the residents at the nursing home that I work at.
Validation Technique is a way to confirm a resident's thoughts and feelings as well as redirecting them.

If a resident says "I want to go home"
it is not ok to say "you can't go home." 
The correct way to respond might be to ask them about their home. "what was home like?"
They might respond with something about their family, their kids.
Ask them a question about their kids. "What do your kids do for work?"
They respond.
"what did you do for work?"

See how we started at "I want to go home" and are now talking about work?

Validation Technique is a more subtle way to redirect without further agitating the residents.

Or so I'm learning.

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