Nurse Denied CPR, Resident Dies..

So did you hear about the nurse who refused a resident CPR, and the resident died?

When I first heart about this, I was shocked. I could understand why some random person wouldn't be comfortable administering CPR because if it's done incorrectly, it can cause further damage but isn't a nurse different? Doesn't a nurse have an obligation?

But as I am keeping up with this story, I'm now reading that it was the resident's wishes to die naturally and they didn't want CPR. The family members are not pressing charges and were totally aware, but if this was the deceased final wishes, why wasn't it written down in a file somewhere?
That's the point of having paperwork expressing one's wishes, so that other's don't lose their job, or have to deal with the judgement of people who assume that they know anything about the situation.

I can't imagine being in that nurses shoes.

I work in a nursing home. I can't speak for all people but I know that when a resident moves into the facility and knows they are never returning home, they are basically waiting to die. They don't want to do things to prolong their lives, they've already lived it. I can totally see this situation being blown up bigger than it should have been and now has caused the involved parties more grief and pain then needed.

I feel bad for the nurse who was just following one's final wishes, but if there's any lesson that could be learned here it's to have the proper paperwork filled out and to let those who care for you to be aware of your wishes.

Paperwork can be time consuming and a pain to fill out, but it can save so much unnecessary hassle in the end. 

Read the story on Yahoo News

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