A Great CVS Run! 4/4/13

So I just came back from CVS and I wanted to share how I got 8 bottles of Dawn Dish washing liquid, 1 Almay Intense Color Eyeliner, 1 Almay Intense Eye-shadow  1 bottle of Clear Scalp & Hair Shampoo, and 1 Clear Scalp & Hair Conditioner for only $2.08 out of pocket!!

Here's how you can do the same. Just follow my transactions step by step!


BEFORE heading to the store. Check your (3/31/13) P&G coupon booklet. Towards the back you should see a $1/2 dawn dish washing detergents coupon. (It doesn't specify size. I get these booklets in the weekender newspapers. I purchase 4 a week.)

1. Grab 8 (9oz) bottles of Dawn

1. Cashier scans bottles (total comes to $7.92)
2. I hand over coupons (price drops to $3.92)
***If you don't have ECB then you are paying $4.32 after the $.40 tax***

I had $3 ECB so I only spent $1.32 out of pocket!!


BEFORE heading to the store. Click here to print the $5/2 Almay products. (It should be already selected and ready to print) & Don't forget your CVS card!

1. Always scan your CVS card at the red machine when you go into the store. If you don't have a CVS card, you will need one to partake in this awesome deal and any future awesome deals!

You will see a $4 off of a $12 purchase in makeup coupon
& a
$4.99 coupon for a bottle of Clear shampoo or conditioner

2. Go grab your 2 Almay Intense i-Color Shadow, Liner or Mascara ($11.98)

(I chose eyeliner and eye shadow) 

3.  Grab your clear bottle. (I chose total care conditioner.)

1. Hand over CVS card
2. Cashier Scans items - total ($.16.97)
3. Hand over the $4.99 Clear Bottle Coupon (price drops to $11.98)
4. Use the the $4/$12 coupon (price drops to $7.98)
5. Then use the $5/2 Almay products coupon (price drops to $2.98)
***If you don't have ECB (Extra Care Bucks) then at this point, you are paying $3.83 after the $.85 tax)***
You get 
$3 ECB back!

I had $2 ECB so I only spent $1.83 out of pocket!!


There's a catch to this one. I dragged my mom to the store and made her use her CVS card to get another Clear Bottle coupon. I paid the $.25 tax and got the matching shampoo to my previous conditioner purchase!
Drag your friend to CVS! 

Hope I helped!

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