April is a busy month

Now that the chaos is decreasing.... April is always such a busy month! Not only is it the month of the Ultimate Blog Party, it's also my birthday, and I usually hold an annual birthday party also. Makes for a lot of planning and running around! I think yesterday was the first time I've gotten to sit with everything done. No more preparations, just catching up.

The UBP was fun. It seems I'm getting more comfortable now that I know what to expect. The first couple years was hectic because I was under the impression I had to visit every one. This year, I braced myself and didn't stress myself with requirements  I simply went with the flow at my leisure. It worked out just fine. I even won a $50 Target Gift Card!

My birthday party was a success also! My hunni bought me a photography studio kit so I made my party a red carpet theme and encouraged every one to dress up. (pictures coming soon)

It was so much fun! Of course I made my famous Jeopardy game and a new jello shot recipe! These were Strawberry Lemonade Jello Shots with a Cherry handle! yum

I plan on posting a few more fun pics from last week on Wordless Wednesday! What month is really busy for you?


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  2. Thank you so much! It's comments like this that make it so worthwhile to blog and share my opinions!