Red Carpet Birthday

Happy Wednesday! I'm still recuperating from last week's festivities. After the UBP I immediately started getting things ready for my annual birthday party!

Here's me wearing my birthday crown! I do it every year!

My meal from Olive Garden!

My mom gave me a $25 Olive Garden Gift Card so my hunni and I went out last Wednesday for dinner. I also had a $4 off 2 meals coupon! I don't remember what my meal was called but on the left there was shrimp Alfredo,  middle was fried shrimp, and the right was stuffed crab ravioli with red peppers. Everything was so yummy and it was great to get out. 

Friday night was my party and because I have a photographer's studio I told everyone that there was a red carpet theme. I went out to the Thrift Store and bought myself a nice looking prom dress. The price was originally $25 but they were having a sale on everything with zippers so I snagged it for $15! yay! Birthday savings all around, right?

I had a room for photography and posing, another camera floating around the party, jeopardy, darts, jello shots, great food, dancing, and great company! It was a lot of fun!

The next night I went over to some friends house for a little celebration. We had White Sangria's and tons of finger foods! I even had a cake with a chandelier topper which was cute as hell!

It was such a great week, but with all the running around, it sure made it extra difficult to get back into the swing of things for this week.

Here's an photo of us from the party. We were originally in front of a green screen, but I've been teaching myself about digital photography on the side. Do you think I could get away with telling people we went to New York? hehe


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  1. when can we see the pics you took?