A trip down memory lane

Part 1 of going through my past photos and wordless Wednesday.

haha lil man just said he thought this was a grilled cheese on fire. Actually it's a piece of cake with a fortune cookie and candle. My mom and hunni had taken me out to the Chinese restaurant for my birthday a couple years ago.

A great snack! I'm not telling you how many cookies were there to begin with though.. hehe

This is a free sample of dog food I got in the mail. Instead of posting freebies and samples on here, I've been posting on a Facebook group, because they expire quickly and I don't want a bunch of expired posts on here.

I love photos and the memories that come with them. This is a pastrami sandwich my hunni made for me. But what's great about this, is that I remember he made stale cookies that day, also!

 If you couldn't tell, these photos are from my album, Food

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