No Pain No Gain

English: An apple, the Malus domestica's fruit...
English: An apple, the Malus domestica's fruit Español: Una manzana, la fruta de Malus domestica (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It's also been a while since I've updated about my health. I had mentioned in previous posts that I was trying to eat healthier cause I was tired of being tired all of the time. It took a couple weeks to get into the habit of enjoying an apple every morning.
Although one morning I made the mistake of licking the fork after I packed my lasagna for lunch and it made me not want the apple. hehe
I went from having a piece of toast every morning, to an apple every morning. But i noticed that my energy level would spike and then I would be so tired a few hours later. I then found out that the sugar in the fruit will do that. So I searched for some healthy breakfast ideas.

Now, this is what I eat almost every day: 

6am - half an apple, half a piece of toast, half a packet of oatmeal (I split everything with lil man) I learned that oatmeal doesn't lead to sugar crash like fruit does so I'd like to think that it's helping everything balance out. I'm now doing research on Steel Cut Oatmeal vs. Instant Oatmeal

9am - the other half of the apple
12pm - fruit smoothie with almonds and greens, and a cucumber sandwich
5pm - varies (but I'm really doing great with keeping it at one serving size!)
desert - varies (but most of the time I try to eat an apple)

The apple seems to be what I choose over the other fruit I want. I think it's because it's cheap and quick.

I've also been trying to exercise and I haven't had the money to spend at a gym, so thankfully for YouTube! hehe
I found a couple videos to follow for a while.
Care to join me in my pain? haha Try this video!

ow, ow, ow..
I keep telling myself it will be worth it though!

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