Showing in Waves

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Yes, I am still around. Sorry my blog keeps showing up in waves. A couple other things have been taking up my time.
Last week was the last week of school so now that lil man is out of school for the summer, I don't have to get up around 3 am anymore! yay for more sleep, or more time. I'm not sure what to do with myself yet. Part of me thinks it would be a great opportunity to get more sleep so I'm not passing out in the evening, or I could really try to kick it in gear with the exercising, or internet stuff. Lots of choices, only a small opening in my time frame. decisions decisions. .. 

I put out an ad yesterday for anyone who is wanting to start a blog but didn't know/want to do it themselves. I make no money from this site, so it would  have to be a hobby of someone's. Maybe I could get someone to help me post regularly. We'll see if I hear anything. If you know anyone that is just interested in writing, and not all of the advertising and coding then send me an email kreativekaring(at)yahoo(dot)com

Photography work is going good. I'm still really overwhelmed with the organizing my photos part and for some reason, I started organizing last month and ended up misplacing a few of my favorite photos.. I wish organizing wasn't so overwhelmingly difficult for me.

Has anyone ever heard of SelfPubCovers? It's what I've been working on lately. I have been making book covers in hopes of selling them on this site. I've made two so far and am currently waiting for them to be approved. I have a couple more but am waiting for my friend to stop by and sign a couple release forms so I have permission to use it. Stay tuned, maybe I'll show one for WordlessWednesday.
What's everyone else been up to?

Scary zombie before and after #wordlesswednesday


I know, disgusting, but I am so proud! This took me a few hours. I am a big fan of horror and photo manipulation is something I enjoy doing. I hope I continue to get better.

So what do you think? How did I do?

These are from the album: Spooky

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Learning to put people in vases - Before and After


I am trying to learn how to put people in baskets and vases. I am also working on my shading and shadows. 

Constructive criticism welcome

Try Feathering When You Crop

via icstarzz
via icstarzz

It's getting towards the end of the school year which means lil man will be on summer vacation and I won't have to get up at 3am! But as much as I seem excited about that, it also means that I'll get less done. 
Whether I want to admit it or not getting up at that time has always benefited me because I'm able to have my alone time before anyone else gets up to just sit here, blog, check my email.

Pin up contest #wordlesswednesday

These are some of my favorite photos taken at the pin up contest!
I am the plain jane in the white dress below! haha

the pin ups standing in line while the rules are being stated

Chalk It Up To A Learning Experience

Want to have a better outlook on life and things to come? Stop beating yourself up with the "I should have's" and the "I wish I would have known" and start asking yourself "what did I learn from this?" Believe me, the way you look at things really makes a difference.