Chalk It Up To A Learning Experience

Want to have a better outlook on life and things to come? Stop beating yourself up with the "I should have's" and the "I wish I would have known" and start asking yourself "what did I learn from this?" Believe me, the way you look at things really makes a difference. 

One personal example would be an event I just attended. I have never entered a pin up contest before so I thought it would be a lot of fun and it really was no matter what I say, I just have to remember that I have a lot to learn and will be better prepared next year. 

For instance. I had my hair done. It was so pretty and curly, but it was around 90 outside, so as soon as the heat hit my hair, it was almost flat by the time everything started. Next year I think I'll settle for an up do. (I bet I'll be cooler, too!)
I thought Marilyn Monroe pin up. A classic white dress, similar to the style she wore. When I saw the photos of me next to the other girls I immediately decided my dress was too plain. Next year I'm going to aim at something a little more costume in your face pin up style. yea.. 
Also, I had originally wanted to go to take photos because I have always been interested in taking photos of pin up girls,  but as the date drew near, I got excited to join, and didn't really get any good shots. Next year I'm hoping to have a partner to help me out!

Over all, I did have a good time! I can't wait for next year! Stay tuned for photos for Wordless Wednesday. Here's a few photos of the vehicles that were there!

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